18 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

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Didn’t have time to pick up a Halloween costume for your kid this year? Don’t panic. First of all, it’s a scientific fact that anyone under the age of 12 is probably too distracted by giant mounds of candy to care about what they’re wearing. Secondly, there’s a simple solution. Here are 18 last-minute costume ideas for kids that are ridiculously easy to pull off.

Kunnapat Jitjumsri / EyeEm/Getty Images

1. Yoga Instructor

A pair of flashy leggings and a plain tank top and your work is done. Add a headband and yoga mat to really drive the look home.


2. Ballerina

You’ll be so glad you didn’t throw out their bedazzled tutu from last year’s Nutcracker recital.


3. Bunny

A classic for adults and kids alike, all you need is a monochromatic onesie and a pair of bunny ears.


4. Witch

A Halloween classic. All you need is an all-black ensemble and a witch’s hat.


5. Angel

Or go in the opposite direction with an all-white get-up topped off with a halo.


6. Peter Pan’s Shadow

No sewing involved. Get the tutorial here.


7. Minions

All you need for this adorable costume are overalls, a yellow shirt and hat, some black gloves and goggles (or you can just get a ready-to-ship set).


8. Superman

Does your little guy own a pair of superhero pajamas? Put ’em on underneath his Sunday best and there you have it—a superhero in disguise.


9. A Stick Figure

White clothes + electrical tape + a paper plate + marker = hilarious (and super easy) DIY Halloween costume.


10. Dracula

The only time it’s OK for your kid to dig around your makeup bag. Red lipstick, brown eye shadow, face powder and hair mousse should do the trick.


11. A Hershey’s Kiss

Grab all the tinfoil you have to fashion a hat, add some string to make a strap and stick a big Hershey’s sign on top. Done.

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12. A Zombie Baseball Player

Time to bring out the Little League gear. Make it spooky by adding some scary scars and zombie makeup.

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13. A Mummy

Tear an old sheet into strips, wrap them around your kid, and there you have it: a mummy made by mommy.


14. A Fairy Princess

Oh, go on and let your kid wear her prettiest dress for Halloween. Top it off with a tiara and some glitter makeup for a happily ever after.

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15. A Ghost

It’s a classic for a reason. Grab a white bed sheet, cut out two holes for eyes and you’re ready for a night of trick-or-treating.

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16. Wayne and Garth

A black tee and hat for Wayne; a blonde wig, drumsticks and checkered shirt for Garth. “Party time, excellent!”

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17. A Time Machine or Frankenstein

Tinfoil to the rescue yet again. Cover a box in foil, add some construction paper dials and your costume is complete. Or grab some green makeup from the drugstore to create a spooky monster.

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18. A Pirate

Draw on an eye patch, grab a striped shirt and you’re good to go.