70 Country Baby Names with Southern Charm to Spare

From Bonnie to Walker

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If you’re looking for a baby name with Southern charm and timeless appeal, there are plenty of American classics that fit the bill. From city-inspired names from the Lone Star State to vintage French monikers with debutante vibes, here’s our list of the very best country baby names that boast that signature, regional character.

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Country Baby Names for Boys

1. Luke

This name of Latin and Greek origin means “light-giving” and has an effortlessly cool vibe.

2. Beau

Beau exudes old-school Southern charm and boasts a meaning of (you guessed it) “beautiful” or “handsome.”

3. Carter

Originally a surname of Anglo-French origin, Carter has an occupational meaning of “carrier” and calls to mind a certain U.S. president from the South.

4. Alan

This charming name of Celtic origin has a smart and friendly sound, plus a flattering meaning of “handsome, cheerful and precious.”

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5. Austin

This cool kid moniker is a city-inspired name with Latin origins and a meaning of “great” and “magnificent.”

6. Sawyer

Here, an English occupational name meaning “woodcutter” and the surname of the main character in Mark Twain’s famous novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

7. Johnny

As in Depp. This diminutive of the name John has the same meaning of “God is gracious.”

8. Joe

The shortened version of Joseph, this one-syllable moniker has a down-to-earth feel and a meaning of “God will add.”

9. Bennett

“Blessed” and “well-spoken” are the meanings of this name of Latin origin, which is also a modern variation of the Medieval name Benedict.

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10. Andy

You’d be hard-pressed to find a friendlier sounding name than the diminutive of Andrew—a name of Greek origin that means “manlike” and “brave.”

11. Colt

Derived from the English word for “young horse,” this one-syllable moniker is equal parts casual and cool.

12. Dallas

Another city-inspired name from the Lone Star State—Dallas is actually a name of Scottish origin with a topographical meaning of “from the meadow dwelling.”

13. Brennan

“Teardrop,” “sorrow” and “raven” are the meanings of this melodic Irish name. (We’re getting future poet vibes.)

14. Charlie

This name of German origin is a sweet-sounding diminutive of Charles that has a meaning of “free man.”

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15. Bradley

Bradley is a name of Old English origin with a topographical meaning of “broad meadow” and a decidedly sophisticated sound.

16. Christian

Here, a name of Latin, Greek and English origin with a fairly obvious meaning of “follower of Christ.”

17. Kenneth

A name of Scottish and Gaelic origin—Kenneth means “fire born” and “good-looking.”

18. Marvin

This humble sounding name has Old Welsh and English origins, maritime ties and a sweet meaning of “famous friend,” “sea friend” and “lover of the sea.”

19. Neil

Here, a one-syllable Irish moniker that has multiple meanings, including “cloud,” “passionate,” “victory” and “honor.”

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20. Tucker

An occupational surname of Old English origin meaning “cloth-weaver,” Tucker has since been adapted as a given name with definite country vibes.

21. Nash

Nash has English origins and a meaning of “at the ash tree.” It also calls to mind a certain city in Tennessee that’s famous for being the home of country music.

22. Walker

Another occupational name of English origin, Walker means “one who practices fulling,” which is a reference to an old-timey cloth-making technique.

23. Spencer

This occupational surname of English origin has evolved into a given name with a soft sound and a meaning of “steward.”

24. Franklin

Meaning “free man” or “free landholder.” This one has obvious presidential ties and a humble sound that’s quite endearing.

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25. Jasper

Jasper has Persian origins, a whisper-soft sound and a badass meaning of “keeper of the treasure.”

26. Percy

Featured in everything from Harry Potter to Thomas the Train, this classic name has French origins and a topographical meaning of “one who pierces the valley.”

27. Reed

Drop one ‘e’ and you have the meaning of this name of English origin. Let’s just say it’s a perfect fit for a ginger-haired boy.

28. Glen

A beloved country singer from the 60s and 70s (i.e., Glen Campbell) and a smooth sounding one-syllable moniker with Irish roots, Southern charm and a topographical meaning of “narrow valley.”

Country Baby Names for Girls

29. Delilah

This melodic name of Hebrew origin rolls off the tongue and boasts a sweet, feminine meaning of “delicate.”

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30. Louise

Louise—a name of French origin meaning “famous warrior”—is a good fit for a courageous little girl (and a force to be reckoned with).

31. Josephine

Or Jo for short. This vintage name has Hebrew origins and a meaning of “God will increase,” though we kind of just think of Little Women.

32. Tallulah

This melodic Native American name has a sound to match its meaning of “leaping water.” It’s also darn fun to say.

33. Savannah

The oldest city in Georgia and a given name of equal charm that has Native American and Spanish origins, plus a meaning of “large, grassy plain.”

34. Mae

Mae is a one-syllable moniker with Hebrew, British and Gaelic origins; it recalls the spring month of blossoming growth and boasts varied meanings that include “drop of the sea,” “rebellious,” “pearl” and “beloved.”

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35. Virginia

A Southern state and a classic country name of Latin origin that means “virgin” and “pure.”

36. Minnie

Minnie is a diminutive of the Old German name Wilhelmina. It has fierce warrior-like meanings of “will,” “desire” and "helmet,” but it just sounds cute as a button to us.

37. Daisy

A sweet smelling flower and a feminine name of Old English origin with tons of Southern charm and a meaning of “innocence,” “purity” and “simple.”

38. Caroline

This name of French and German origin is the feminine version of Charles and has a shared meaning of “free man.” It also makes an appearance in the beloved Neil Diamond song “Sweet Caroline.”

39. Betsy

A diminutive nickname derived from Elizabeth, this one has Hebrew origins and a meaning of “worshiper of God.”

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40. Jolene

Here, a famously heart-wrenching Dolly Parton song and a name of Germanic and Hebrew origin that means “God is gracious.”

41. Kit

Kit is a nickname for Katherine and a standalone name with English origins and meanings of “bearing Christ,” “pure” and “hope.”

42. Sally

This endearing name of Hebrew origin is a variant of Sarah and boasts a flattering meaning of “princess.”

43. Violet

This shy-but-sweet botanical moniker refers to the fragrant namesake flower and has a Latin meaning of “purple.”

44. Penelope

Undeniably fun to say, this peppy moniker has Greek origins and a rather quirky dual meaning of “duck” and “weaver.”

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45. Ira

Short but strong, this badass name of Hebrew origin has a fierce and powerful meaning of “watchful” and can be found in the Old Testament as the name given to one of King David’s warriors.

46. Henrietta

We love the vintage Southern charm of this melodic moniker, which has English, French and German origins and an authoritative meaning of “home ruler.”

47. Blanche

We’re getting debutante vibes from this name of French origin meaning “white” and “pure.”

48. Molly

English origins and ties to the Hebrew name Miriam—this diminutive feminine moniker is as sweet as pie and boasts a meaning of “star of the sea” and “beloved.”

49. Bonnie

This feminine Scottish name has a direct translation of “pretty” and a cheerful, charming Southern feel.

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50. Lynn

Lynn has English, Welsh and French origins and a sophisticated sound. It means “lake” or “waterfall.”

51. Rosemary

A fragrant herb and a feminine given name of Latin origin that means “dew of the sea,”

52. Wendy

“White ring” and “friend” are the meanings of this name of English origin, which also references the steadfast friend of Peter Pan from J.M. Barrie’s timeless childhood classic.

53. Ruby

Just right for your newborn precious gem—this name is derived from the Latin word meaning “red” and is a symbol of wealth and passion.

54. Dorothy

A name of Greek origin meaning “one who has vision” and “gift from God,” this vintage moniker has charming Southern ties to the Wizard of Oz. (Psst: If you’re having twins, we hear Dorothy plays nicely with Ruby.)

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55. Cecilia

Soft consonants give this Italian name a melodic, feminine sound that’s oh-so pretty. It also means “blind” or “hidden,” making it a good fit for a baby that’s on the shy side.

56. Ruth

Ruth is a feminine name of Hebrew origin with a strong, serious sound that belies its gentle meaning of “compassionate friend.”

57. Dolly

Dolly Parton is the badass country singer who made this one famous, but her name is actually a diminutive form of both Dorothy and Dolores. Given its meaning of “emotion” and “sorrowful,” we see big feelings (and a strong set of pipes) in your future.

58. Scarlett

Drop the second ‘t’ if you please—either way, this name of French origin has a fairly obvious meaning that corresponds to the color red.

Gender-Neutral Country Baby Names

59. Riley

We get cute and spunky vibes from this energetic, gender-neutral name of English and Irish origin. It has meanings of “woods clearing” and “valiant and courageous,” respectively.

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60. Stevie

Stevie Wonder and Stevie Nicks are two singing sensations who prove the gender-neutral clout of this name, which has Greek roots, a meaning of “crown” or “garland” and an adorable diminutive sound.

61. Frankie

“Free man,” “truthful” and “sincere” are among the meanings of this cheeky gender-neutral name of Germanic origin. We think it’s well-suited to any kid with a little sass.

62. Harper

No surprises here—Harper was originally an English occupational surname meaning “harpist.” It’s now used as a given name for both genders and boasts ties to the female Southern novelist Harper Lee of To Kill a Mockingbird fame.

63. Jean

This gender-neutral name of French origin means “God is gracious” and is a perfect choice for parents seeking a casual and simple one-syllable moniker with country flair.

64. Bailey

Another surname of English and French origin that has achieved first name status—this upbeat moniker has Southern charm to spare and meanings of “berry clearing,” “bailiff” and “city fortification.”

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65. Jude

Made famous by the iconic Beatles song, and again by actor Jude Law, this gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin has a sweet, soft sound and a meaning of “praised.”

66. Parker

This unisex name of Old English origin has an occupational meaning of “park keeper” and a casual-cool vibe.

67. Finley

Yet another surname-turned-first name (yep, there’s a gender-neutral theme happening here), Finley has Gaelic, Scottish and Irish roots, plus a meaning of “fair-haired” and “courageous one.” A fine choice for a blonde badass, no?

68. Quinn

This one-syllable moniker of Irish origin has a lofty meaning of “wise,” “sense,” and “reason” that’s well-suited to an intellectual of either sex.

69. Blake

Though it has a more masculine sound, Blake Lively is proof that this name can go both ways. It has Old English origins and a bunch of conflicting meanings, including “pale,” “dark,” “white,” “black” and “shining.”

70. Billy

Derived from the Old High German name Willahelm, this gender-neutral moniker has a sweet, diminutive sound and a meaning of “resolute protector.”

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