Who Is the Father of Mel’s Baby on ‘Virgin River’? This New Theory Says There’s Only One Possible Answer
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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

From Hope’s “accident” to Preacher’s kidnapping, we’ve heard our fair share of Virgin River theories. However, this brand-new prediction about the father of Mel’s baby might be the most convincing one to date.

Here’s what you need to know: In the season three finale of Virgin River, Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) drops a bombshell on Jack (Martin Henderson) right before his proposal. She’s pregnant, and he might not be the father.

Yes, the news is shocking, but it isn’t a total surprise. In season three, Mel continually contemplates the idea of starting a family. When Jack opposes the idea, she reaches out to a Los Angeles fertility clinic that had saved embryos from her previous marriage to Mark (Daniel Gillies).

This leads us to the burning question: Who is the father of Mel’s baby? Well, according to this all-new theory, there’s only one possibility…and that person is Jack. Phew!

Although we hoped this was the case, we were a tad skeptical only because the writers highlighted Mel’s trip to L.A. to discuss the possibility of unfreezing her eggs. But our suspicions decreased when a Reddit user low-key debunked the theory, claiming the time frame makes it impossible for Mark to be the father. Since Mel was in Los Angeles for only a few days, it’s highly unlikely that she had enough time to undergo the procedure and then recover before returning to Virgin River.

“[Mel] was in L.A. for, like, three days and had the idea while she was there. I think she’s pregnant with Jack’s baby, at least I hope so,” someone wrote. Another added, “You don’t pop in on a whim and do IVF!”

We really hope these fans are right.

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