OMG, This ‘Virgin River’ Star Was Once a Britney Spears Love Interest

Martin Henderson is widely recognized for portraying Jack Sheridan on Netflix’s Virgin River, but did you know that he previously played Britney Spears’s love interest?

That’s right. The actor, 46, starred opposite the singer, 39, in her 2003 music video for “Toxic” (included below for your enjoyment).

Henderson first appears at the 2:50 mark, low-key channeling Christian Grey as he greets Spears in a chic suit. The singer pushes him backward onto a bed, where she begins to undress him.

The revelation occurred shortly after Henderson spoke out in support of Spears, who is trying to end her “abusive” conservatorship. During an interview with Page Six, the Virgin River star confirmed that Spears “was such a genuinely good person.”

Henderson continued, “I felt so much of what was happening to her was because of the way she was hounded and treated. I think anybody in that kind of situation with that kind of stress would have moments of struggle.”

He went on to say that he wasn’t surprised by Spears’s 2007 breakdown, adding, “I think it’s not a surprise that she came undone the way that she did.”

Henderson also shared his opinion about Spears’s years-long legal battle, revealing that he knows just as much (or little) as the public. “I just think whatever’s going on needs to be transparent so the courts can rule in a way for her good,” he told the outlet. “I would hate to think she’s being controlled or manipulated in any way because I think she’s really a beautiful person.”

If you need us, we’ll be watching this music video on a continuous loop.

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