Was Hope’s Car Crash an Accident? New ‘Virgin River’ Theory Claims She Was Targeted

virgin river hope theory

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

We’re still bitter about the many cliffhangers that Virgin River season three left us with. However, if there’s one burning question we want answered ASAP, it’s about Hope (Annette O’Toole) and whether she survived the tragic car accident.

In season three of Virgin River, Hope was driving home when she was hit by a truck. After being rushed to the hospital, she underwent brain surgery while Doc (Tim Matheson) hoped for the best in the waiting room. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happens next. However, fans are starting to believe that Hope’s car wreck was no accident.

As Express points out, there are a few clues that point to Calvin (Peter Cubitt) as the other driver. It’s entirely possible, especially since Calvin was spotted in a—you guessed it—truck right before the wreck. The sighting took place when Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) was leaving the lumber yard and barely avoided a car crash, thanks to Calvin and his men (who were driving two pickup trucks).  

The scene was so brief that it didn’t mean anything until much later, when Doc mentioned that Hope was hit by an erratic truck. “I should’ve called her when I found out about Lilly, and she’d have come home,” Doc said. “She wouldn’t have been on the road when the damn truck crossed.”

To top it off, Calvin has been seeking revenge on the town ever since Jack (Martin Henderson) told the police about his undercover drug business. Calvin kept a low profile in season three and allowed his men to do his dirty work, but it was only a matter of time before he made his next move—and perhaps this was it. Although Hope was an innocent bystander, we can’t deny that her accident sends a huge message to the residents of Virgin River. As in, don’t mess with Calvin…or else.

Guess we’ll have to wait until Virgin River season four hits Netflix sometime next year.

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