Is Alexandra Breckenridge Returning to ‘This Is Us’? ‘I Did Do a Scene Where They Did Old Makeup’

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Alexandra Breckenridge isn’t giving up hope of returning to This Is Us for the final season. In fact, she recently teased that she previously shot scenes in old-age makeup that have yet to be featured in the NBC series. 

If you didn’t know, Breckenridge starred in the recurring role of Sophie, Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) love interest, in the popular drama. However, in the later seasons, she became a guest star as she was busy working on other movies and television shows such as Virgin River. 

“The reality is that I shoot Virgin River in Canada at the exact same time that they shoot This Is Us in Los Angeles,” the 39-year-old actress recently told Us Weekly. “So for the last couple of years, I wasn’t able to do [This Is Us]. I was actually supposed to be doing it. They asked me back to do it. Because of scheduling conflicts, I just wasn’t able to. So I think they’ve been really hoping that it would work out maybe in the future. So we’ll see—maybe something, maybe I’ll be able to come back either in a love interest capacity or in an old friend capacity.”

Breckenridge also revealed that there is even footage of her in old-age makeup, hinting that she could possibly make an appearance in the flash-forward portions of the sixth and final season (something we’ve never seen before). 

“I did do a scene where they did old makeup, but I don’t think it made it to the show,” she continued. “Every time they’ve asked me to come back in the past, I’m like, I hope that I’m in the house at the end of the show and you see me in, like, old makeup and everybody’s like, ‘What? Oh, my gosh!’ And like, you’re not sure if she’s just there because their mom is in hospice or if they’re together. I really hope that happens.”

So, whether Sophie and Kevin end up together in the end or not, we’ll be crossing our fingers for a look at Sophie later in life.  

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