This Terrifying New Flick Is Officially the #5 Movie on Netflix

When we’re in the mood to watch a documentary, one of the first places we look is Netflix. However, it seems like most of the docs on any streaming platform tend to be true-crime and if we’re being honest, we’re still suffering from murder fatigue. Lucky for us, Netflix recently released a brand-new environmental documentary and it’s already getting a ton of attention.

This week, the platform dropped its new film, Seaspiracy, a documentary examining the global fishing industry, “challenging notions of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions cause widespread environmental destruction.” During one part of the trailer, one interviewee states, “If you want to address climate change, the first thing you do is protect the ocean. And, the solution to that is very simple. Leave it alone.”

After just three days, the flick has already landed a spot in the platform’s top ten list. Watch the full teaser below.

Netflix’s official synopsis reads, “From the co-creator who brought you the groundbreaking documentary Cowspiracy comes Seaspiracy, a follow-up that illuminates alarming—and not widely known—truths about the widespread environmental destruction to our oceans caused by human behavior. Filmmaker Ali Tabrizi initially set out to celebrate his beloved ocean, but instead found himself examining the harm that humans inflict upon the vulnerable seas. From plastics and fishing gear polluting the waters to the irreparable damage of bottom trawling and by-catch, to illegal fishing and devastating hunting practices, humanity is wreaking havoc on marine life and, by extension, the entire planet. What Tabrizi ultimately uncovered not only challenges notions of sustainable fishing but will shock anyone who cares about the wonders of ocean life, as well as the future of the planet and our place on it.” 

We’re not totally surprised that Seaspiracy snagged the number five spot on Netflix’s most popular movies list, considering the trailer received half a million views on YouTube after just seven days earlier this month. 

Even if environmental films aren’t your usual faves, this one is definitely worth the watch. 

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