The Top 10 Apple TV+ Series Right Now

From 'Sugar' to 'Loot'

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Apple TV+

Although it was only launched in 2019, Apple TV+ has established itself as the go-to destination for binge-worthy shows. The streaming service made headlines with sleek comedies like Ted Lasso and fascinating dramas like Palm Royale—but believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg. And with so many underrated gems to choose from, I’m turning to the top 10 Apple TV+ series right now, as ranked by the streaming service (including some of the best shows on television).

So, after you've checked out Netflix's top shows and movies, head over to Apple TV+ (P.S., you can sign up for the streaming service for $10 a month, following a 7-day free trial) and catch up on all the trending shows. From Sugar to Loot, keep reading for the top Apple TV+ series and my editor’s pick of the week.

Editor’s Pick of the Week: Constellation

  • Who’s in it: Noomi Rapace, Jonathan Banks, James D'Arcy
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Foundation
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller

A NASA astronaut miraculously returns to Earth after she survives an accident in outer space. However, she discovers that pieces of her life are missing, and strange occurrences cause her to wonder if she traveled to a different world. Per Zee News, Executive Producer Michelle MacLaren described the show as a "character-driven action thriller that has a sci-fi element to it," so you can expect a mind-bending adventure.

1. Sugar

  • Who’s in it: Colin Farrell, Amy Ryan, Sydney Chandler
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Manhunt
  • Genre: Drama

Colin Farrell stars as a private investigator named John Sugar, who's tasked with investigating the disappearance of Olivia Siegel. Of course, this isn’t any ordinary case because Olivia is the granddaughter of a famous Hollywood producer. Apple TV+ describes Sugar as a “genre-bending TV show,” so prepare for a wild ride. 

In addition to Farrell, the show also stars Amy Ryan, Sydney Chandler, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, James Cromwell and Nate Corddry.

2. Palm Royale

  • Who’s in it: Kristen Wiig, Carol Burnett, Allison Janney, Laura Dern
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Hacks
  • Genre: Comedy-drama

The story follows a woman (played by Kristen Wiig) who’s determined to change her social status from a have-not to a have. To do so, she must become a member of the exclusive Palm Royale and infiltrate the club’s elite group of women. 

In her four-star review, Greta Heggeness wrote, “Palm Royale is not your typical Wiig comedy. The jokes are subtle, rather than in-your-face, and they play a small part in the larger theme of each episode.”

3. Loot

  • Who’s in it: Maya Rudolph, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Joel Kim Booster
  • How many seasons: 2 
  • For fans of: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Genre: Comedy

Meet Molly Novak (Maya Rudolph), a divorcee who’s torn on what to do with her $87 million divorce settlement. In an attempt to avoid an existential mid-life crisis, she reconnects with her charitable foundation and finds herself along the way.

The show has been rising in popularity on Apple TV+ ever since it debuted its second season. 

4. Ted Lasso

  • Who’s in it: Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster
  • How many seasons: 3
  • For fans of: Schitt’s Creek
  • Genre: Sports Drama

The Emmy Award-winning series follows Ted, an inexperienced but optimistic football coach who moves from America to Britain to work with an English Premier League soccer team. He has no idea that the team's owner intentionally hired him to fail, but in a surprise twist, Ted's leadership actually helps the team succeed.

5. Manhunt

  • Who’s in it: Anthony Boyle, Tobias Menzies, Hamish Linklater
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Mindhunter
  • Genre: Conspiracy thriller

Manhunt takes place in the aftermath of the first American presidential assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Not only does it explore the search for John Wilkes Booth, but it also highlights the fight to protect Lincoln's Reconstruction plans. 

Although the series is based on historical events, it’s considered a “conspiracy thriller,” meaning the show has been dramatized for the sake of entertainment. Cast members include Anthony Boyle, Tobias Menzies, Hamish Linklater, Patton Oswalt, Lovie Simone and Will Harrison. 

6. Masters of the Air

  • Who’s in it: Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Anthony Boyle, Barry Keoghan
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: The Pacific 
  • Genre: War Drama

Based on Donald L. Miller's 2007 book of the same name, the show details the exploits of the 100th Bomb Group, an Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress unit in eastern England, during World War II. As they carry out dangerous missions, the group forms a brotherhood as they deal with the harsh realities of war.

The nine-part series, which was created as a companion to Band of Brothers and The Pacific, explores friendship, the loss of innocence and mental health.

7. The New Look

  • Who’s in it: Ben Mendelsohn, Juliette Binoche, Maisie Williams, John Malkovich
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Halston
  • Genre: Biographical Drama

Created by Todd A. Kessler, the series tells the story of Christian Dior when he created his fashion line in Paris after World War II. It also details his complicated relationship with fellow fashion designer, Coco Chanel.

Mendelsohn, who stars as Dior, called the series a "love letter" to the iconic designer, adding that he had a "ferocious ambition."

8. The Morning Show

  • Who’s in it: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Billy Crudup
  • How many seasons: 3
  • For fans of: The Newsroom
  • Genre: Drama

Following the sudden departure of her co-host due to a major scandal, Alex must fight to keep her job as a news anchor on one of the most popular morning newscasts. The network hires a field reporter to serve as co-host, but thanks to her impulsive behavior, it leads to even more problems.

9. The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy

  • Who’s in it: Eugene Levy
  • How many seasons: 2
  • For fans of: Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss
  • Genre: Documentary, Comedy

Schitt's Creek star Eugene Levy travels to upscale hotels around the globe while exploring the traditions and cultures of different destinations, like South Africa, Costa Rica, Finland, Italy and Japan. Though initially reluctant to try new activities, Levy's adventures lead to fascinating encounters and his uniquely funny perspective makes it all the more entertaining.

10. For All Mankind

  • Who’s in it: Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Shantel VanSanten
  • How many seasons: 4
  • For fans of: Battlestar Galactica
  • Genre: Science Fiction

Set in an alternate world, For All Mankind imagines how history would've changed if Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov became the first human to land on the moon, rather than Neil Armstrong. This ultimately leads to (seemingly) a never-ending space race, with NASA trying to play catch up as the Soviet Union prioritizes diversity and makes strides with subsequent landings.

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The Top 10 Netflix Series Right Now

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