The Fabulous Costumes, Stellar Cast & Intriguing Plot Are Just a Few Reasons to Watch ‘Palm Royale’ on Apple TV+

It stars Kristen Wiig, Carol Burnett, Allison Janney, Laura Dern and more

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palm royale review apple tv
Courtesy of Apple TV+

If you’re looking for a fabulous show with a beloved cast, look no further than Palm Royale

The first three episodes of the drama series are now streaming on Apple TV+, and they center around a woman (played by Kristen Wiig) who’s determined to change her social status from a have-not to a have. With new episodes dropping weekly, we’re already intrigued by Palm Royale, thanks to its stellar cast, unique plot and retro costumes that will immediately transport you back to 1969. 

Keep reading for an honest review of Palm Royale.

palm royale review apple tv kristen wiig
Courtesy of Apple TV+

What Is Palm Royale About?

The story is based on Juliet McDaniel’s novel, Mr. & Mrs. American Pie. The first episode introduces viewers to a woman named Maxine, who simply wants to belong in the posh community of Palm Beach.

Her goal is to become a member of the exclusive Palm Royale club, so she can hang out with the elite group of women she admires from afar. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to get their attention, even if it means targeting the most vulnerable of the group: Dinah (Leslie Bibb). 

That’s exactly what happens when she spots Dinah in the wild. However, she knows that she can’t simply approach Dinah and introduce herself. So, she devises an evil plan that results in Dinah accidentally hitting Maxine’s car. This prompts Dinah to go out of her way to help Maxine by bringing Maxine to her private physician.

It doesn’t take long for Dinah to have a breakdown at the doctor’s office, and since Maxine isn’t in her circle, she confides in Maxine about her deepest, darkest secret. Of course, Maxine uses this as leverage to get what she wants.

palm royale review apple tv allison janney
Courtesy of Apple TV+

Is It Worth the Watch?

Palm Royale is not your typical Wiig comedy. The jokes are subtle, rather than in-your-face, and they play a small part in the larger theme of each episode. The show resembles more of a drama, with so much happening in each episode that it’s impossible to get bored. 

While some of the scenes are quite outlandish, it only adds to the ridiculously fun plot and over-the-top events that Maxine is determined to be part of. But if there’s one thing that stands out more than the retro costumes, it’s the all-star cast. 

In addition to Wiig and Bibb, Palm Royale also stars Carol Burnett, Ricky Martin, Kaia Gerber, Allison Janney, Laura Dern and Josh Lucas. (Yep, we weren’t kidding.)

PureWow Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The premiere of Palm Royale is entertaining enough to keep us watching. The only reason it didn’t receive a higher rating is because we don’t know where the story will go from here. There are only so many avenues to explore now that Maxine is weaseling her way into the social circle, and we look forward to seeing how the plot progresses. 

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