This True-Crime Docuseries About Money Heists Just Hit #3 on Netflix's Top TV Shows

If there's one place that fans of true crime should turn to for their entertainment fix, it's Netflix. Whether viewers want documentaries exploring mysterious murders or miniseries dissecting the mind of criminals, the streaming site offers no shortage of suspenseful material.

Now, the latest release to join that collection is Heist, a new docuseries that, according to Netflix, chronicles “three of the biggest heists in modern American history, as explained by the people who pulled them off.”

This six-part special premiered just last week and is currently sitting at #3 on the site's list of top TV shows. Check out the trailer below.

“Think about it,” says one of the narrators at the beginning of the clip. “If you had an opportunity to steal—like if you worked in a bank with a vault wide open and nobody seeing you—are you going to do it if you don't get caught?”

That's the main question of this new original series, which follows three real-life stories of money heists. These crimes—which include a 21-year old running off with $3 million in Vegas casino money and a man imitating a heist from Goodfellas—are each explored over the course of two episodes, as viewers are shown the planning that went into these remarkable robberies.

Heist was produced by Dirty Robber, the same team who produced the Oscar-winning short film Two Distant Strangers. Direction was handled by Derek Doneen (Why We Fight), Martin Desmond Roe (Religion of Sports) and Nick Frew (We Are the Champions). The series stars William Guirola, Megan Barlow, Scott Bender, Patricio Doren, Matthew Downs and Emree Franklin, among others.

We'll keep watching these true-crime thrillers for as long as Netflix makes them.

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