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If thoughts of a weekend in Vegas or a Bourbon Street bar crawl send chills down your spine, congratulations: You’re officially a grown-ass woman looking to plan a grown-ass bachelorette party. Here are seven unconventional bachelorette party ideas that you won’t have to block from your Facebook feed.

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A Weekend Yoga Retreat

Instead of partying all-night and sleeping ’til noon, incorporate some sun salutations into your girls’ getaway (after months of planning you could probably use a good vinyasa flow, anyway). Turns out, there’s a whole site dedicated to finding these type of retreats, no matter your price point or party size. If an entire weekend of yoga seems a bit extreme, squeeze a session into one aspect of your trip--say a weekend at the beach with a morning of downward dogs and setting intentions.

A Trip to the Spa

Mail your gals a plush terry-cloth robe and an invite to the fanciest spa in town. Insider tip: Most spas offer discounts of 10 to 15 percent for groups larger than four or six. Try for a spot with a common space for everyone to hang out, but if not, at least schedule your pedicures together. Then revel in some glorious alone time during the hour-long massage.

A Wine Tasting Tour

An afternoon at a vineyard is another great way to take the edge off--hello, infinite bottles of rosé--without any of the penis-straw-induced mayhem (take a cue from this gorgeous setup). The best part is that you don’t have to commit to an entire weekend. Chances are there’s a vineyard within driving distance from you. Just rent a bus or a limo (or a very kind fiancé chauffeur) and you’re all set.

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A Group Cooking Class

Everywhere from Sur La Table to your favorite patisserie holds some version of a cooking class. Start by picking the cuisine (classic Italian, sushi, layer cake--you name it), then do a little digging. The real selling point: It’s impossible to have drama on a full stomach.

A Group Dance Class

If your friends aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves, this one’s for you. Find a class that teaches the moves to one of today’s popular music videos. For example, DivaDance in New York City and Austin, Texas, holds classes dedicated Beyoncé, Bieber and old school Christina Aguilera. If you want a preview, just watch us try it.

A Comedy Club

A comedy club may seem one step up from Chippendales, but it's a recipe for hilarity--especially when the stand-ups know you're there for a bachelorette party (mother-in-law jokes abound). Call the club in advance and reserve a front-row table. After a few lychee martinis, even Al Gore could have you in stitches.

A Weekend of Glamping

If the pseudo outdoors are your thing, then we highly recommend exploring an upscale camping site, where you can sleep inside without fear of bug bites, rocks in your back and wild animal attacks. Two thumbs up if you can score one in a national park.

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