Will There Be a ‘Crossroads’ Sequel? The Film’s Director Weighs in on the Possibility

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Could Lucy and the gang hit the road for another cross-country trip?

Well, there just might be a sequel in the future, according to Crossroads director Tamra Davis. The 2002 cult classic that marked Britney Spears's film debut officially turns 20 this year, so what better time to consider a sequel?

To celebrate the anniversary, the film’s director revealed to Variety that she would “love” to make a Crossroads 2. But, Davis would agree to do the project under one condition: She can work with the original cast and crew.

At the time, the script was written by a young Shonda Rhimes (before she built her television empire) and Spears. The film also starred other notable names like Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Taryn Manning (Orange Is the New Black).

Crossroads follows three childhood friends named Lucy (Spears), Mimi (Manning) and Kit (Saldana). After spending eight years apart, they embark on a cross-country road trip and rediscover their friendship. Not only do they have life-changing experiences, but they also discover how important it is to follow your dreams. The coming of age film also starred Anson Mount, Justin Long, Kim Cattrall and Dan Aykroyd.

Davis went on to explain why she decided to surround Spears with experienced Hollywood actors. “That was the thing—we wanted to surround Brit with really talented actors on her first film and that's what we did,” she added. “And she stepped up, playing opposite each of those people. It was really wonderful."

Currently, the film is not available to stream on any streaming services, which shocked the Crossroads director. “I can't believe it. Really, I think it should be. I'm trying to figure out who has the rights because we want to make it happen...We’re trying to find out,” she said.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a Crossroads sequel!

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