10 ‘Bridgerton’ Mistakes and Plot Holes That May Just Rival That ‘Game of Thrones’ Starbucks Cup

Traffic lines? In 1814?

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Bridgerton, everyone's favorite Regency-era drama, has been dominating on Netflix since it premiered in 2020. Season one focused on the Duke of Hastings and Daphne's steamy romance. Then, all eyes turned to the sideburn king, Anthony Bridgerton, as he struck up a romance with Kate in season two. And now, with season three fast approaching (it premieres on May 16, FYI), fans will get to see Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington's fascinating love story.

If you're looking for ways to bide your time until the romantic drama returns, then I invite you to channel your inner Lady Whistledown and revisit some of the biggest Bridgerton mistakes and plot holes from seasons one and two. Remember the yellow traffic lines? Or Daphne's long-lost necklace? Keep reading for 10 major blunders you may have missed (I certainly did the first time around).

1. Bridgerton Pulled a Game of Thrones by Including Shots of the Crew in Covid Masks

I certainly did a double-take when I finally spotted this blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, where two production guys are standing among the crowd at the Featherington Ball in season two's "The Viscount Who Loved Me," and both are donning masks.

An eagle-eyed fan on Twitter shared still-shots and footage of the surprising slip-up, which countless fans missed because they were, understandably, too focused on Penelope and Colin. One fan quipped, "[It's] a time traveler running away from Covid." Another added, "What a good eye. I never noticed it before. Game of Thrones Starbucks cup again!"

2. Lord Fife Seems to Teleport Across the Room

Speaking of the Featherington Ball, spotting two strangers in modern-day face masks wasn't the only odd thing I noticed. If you pay close attention to the scene where Kate and Anthony exchange glances from across the room, you'll notice that Lord Fife is initially standing behind Kate and Edwina. But when it cuts to the next scene, Lord Fife is simultaneously talking to Anthony as he looks back at Kate. Teleportation, maybe?

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3. Daphne & Simon's Story Doesn't Get a Proper Ending

Is it just me, or does it seem like Bridgerton’s OG couple gets swept under the rug after season one? While there are a few minor references in season two, the series completely glosses over Daphne and the Duke of Hastings after they tie the knot, failing to explore their new family dynamic and previous communication issues. 

Yes, I know that each season is designed to focus on a new couple, and yes, I know that Regé-Jean Page’s absence played a part in this, but the transition feels more like a giant plot hole when two core characters are barely acknowledged or given a proper ending.

4. The Whereabouts of Daphne's Necklace Remain a Mystery

Fans may have been too caught up in Daphne and Simon's intense exchange to notice this detail. (Honestly, same.) In season one's "An Affair of Honor," the prince gives Daphne an elaborate diamond necklace before she rushes out of the ball. She takes it off and puts it on the stone fence before Simon approaches her, and they argue for a bit. But then Daphne heads to the garden...without bothering to take the necklace.

One fan explained on Reddit, "I kept thinking the whole time that someone from the ball (Cressida? The Prince himself?) would come find it outside and it would become a big deal. It was so obviously placed there in the scene that I felt production was going somewhere with it. What happened to it after?" (Inquiring minds still want to know.) 

5. There Are Traffic Lines on the Streets

In season one's first episode, "Diamond of the First Water," observant fans noticed an error in the opening scene, when the Featheringtons and the Bridgertons travel to Buckingham Palace. Just three minutes into the episode, yellow traffic lines are seen on the street outside of Bath's Royal Crescent.

It seems pretty minor at first glance, but this detail is historically inaccurate because road markings weren't introduced until the 1900s.

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6. The Costumes Have Glitter

Fun fact: Glitter was not invented until 1934. So, you can imagine you can imagine my surprise when the sparkly substance appeared on some of the characters' costumes. But at least this "mistake" was intentional.

While chatting with Harper's Bazaar, Bridgerton costume designer Ellen Mirojnick revealed that historical accuracy wasn’t the biggest priority, so she intentionally modernized the costumes to make them stand out. Mirojnick said, "We have increased the amount of glitter, increased the amount of color, increased the over-embellishing. We have done things that actually can relate a little bit more to today's point of view."

7. Kate's Gloves Go from Clean to Muddy in a Split Second

I may be being nit-picky, but you've got to admit, this continuity error is glaringly obvious. In season two's "A Bee in Your Bonnet," Anthony and Kate venture into the woods and Kate gets stuck in a puddle of mud. When Anthony tries to pull her out, they both fall in—and Kate's gloves are still in mint condition. But in the following cut, her gloves are covered in mud, even though she's still in the same position.

8. And Her Collar Keeps Shifting at the Hunting Party

Speaking of Kate and Anthony, fans noticed yet another continuity mistake during the hunting scene in "Victory." Shortly before Anthony helps Kate aim her rifle, they have a rather intense argument. However, it seems that production alternated different takes, because the collar of Kate's jacket appears to shift, even though she doesn't move her head or body at all.

9. Anthony's Beer Has a Mind of Its Own

OK, we can all agree that the editing and continuity could've used some improvement in Bridgerton season two. Here, we have another classic example of multiple takes being edited together. When Simon chats with Anthony, the latter's beer glass mysteriously goes from half-empty to full between takes.

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10. Modern Blinds Are Seen Twice

Fans spotted another historical inaccuracy when they saw modern blinds not once, but twice. First, they're seen in Lady Featherington's window at her estate, and they appear again when Anthony goes to visit his mistress, Sienna, in the pilot episode. This would be impossible in 1814, since those window blinds were not yet introduced.

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