Netflix's New Psychological Thriller Will Keep You Guessing at Every Turn

Netflix's most popular thrillers tend to fall into three major categories: The ones that will legit scare your socks off, the ones that will mess with your head and the ones that manage to do both. Fortunately for thriller fans, the streaming platform is now rolling out a new series that will fall into the latter category.

Called Behind Her Eyes, the British psychological thriller is inspired by Sarah Pinborough's best-selling novel of the same name. And from the looks of this trailer, the series is as twisted as it is terrifying.

According to Netflix, Behind Her Eyes follows "Louise (Simona Brown), a single mother who has an affair with her psychiatrist boss David (Tom Bateman). Her life takes a strange turn when she later befriends his wife Adele (Eve Hewson), and she finds herself caught in a web of secrets and lies where nothing is what it seems."

The limited series also stars Robert Aramayo as Rod, and Steve Lightfoot, Eliza Mellor, Suzanne Mackie, Andy Harries and Jessica Burdett serve as executive producers. Erik Richter Strand directed the project while Steve Lightfoot and Angela LaManna wrote the script.

Bateman called the series "a huge mystery." And while addressing the story's love triangle, Lightfoot revealed that the twist ending just might inspire some fans to binge the show a second time. He said in a statement, "There’s a realization that history is repeating itself. If we got it right, people might go back and watch again to see how it feels now that they are in the know."

Behind Her Eyes premieres on Netflix on Feb. 17.

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