Tom Holland Gushes About His Relationship with Zendaya and Says He's 'In Love'

tom holland gushes about his relationship with zendaya
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Tom Holland, 27, is a man in love and we don't blame him.

During a press tour of his new Apple TV+ series, The Crowded Room, the actor spilled about his IRL feelings for his former Spider-Man co-star. In a rapid fire interview with Buzzfeed, he was asked about his secret to having rizz (aka slang for charisma), where he teased his love for the Euphoria star.

"I have no rizz whatsoever. I have limited rizz," he said. "I don't know. I need you to fall in love with me, really, for it to work. So, long game. Probably making a movie with each other—it definitely helps when the characters you're playing are falling in love with one another. You can sort of blur the lines a bit." Great way to be subtle there, Holland.

He continued making our heart melt with his next statement: "That's kind of where my rizz is at. And, you know, I'm locked up. I'm happy and in love so I've got no need for rizz."

It's rare that we get a sneak peek into their relationship, so we'll take any nuggets (like those dedicated birthday posts) they throw our way. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he mentioned keeping things private about their personal lives. "Our relationship is something that we are incredible protective of and we want to keep as sacred as possible. We don't think that we owe it to anyone, it's our thing, and it has nothing to do with our careers."

The actors met after landing the roles of Peter Parker and MJ in the Spider-Man triology. It was until July 2021 where the power couple went public after being spotted kissing in Los Angeles. Four months later, the duo made their joint red carpet debut at the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere.

Aside from professing his love, the Cherry star mentioned his new obsession with Survivor, his biggest ick and his love languages (hint, hint).

Of course, he spent more time chatting about his girlfriend including her sending way too many memes. "She sends me too much, it's like, I can't keep up," said Holland. "I delete my Instagram for days at a time. I download it to post and then I have to check my messages, and I'll have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of things from her."

Oh, and who was his childhood celebrity crush? Zendaya.

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