7 ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Theories After That Eye-Opening New Trailer

So, you watched all of And Just Like That season one on HBO Max in real time. You then re-binged it (at least twice) to ensure you didn’t miss a single fashion moment or Peloton product placement. You then laughed along with the And Just Like That...a Sex and the City Reboot Podcast while scrolling on your phone for the latest Che Diaz meme.

But until the arrival of And Just Like That season two (June 2023 isn't that far away we suppose), what’s a Carrie-with-a-Miranda-rising to do besides mentally replay those twists from the season one finale? The answer: Seek out the best And Just Like That season two theories, of course.

Here are seven theories about the Sex and the City spinoff we’re hoping go straight from our lips to Michael Patrick King’s ears.

First ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Trailer Is Here—and That Aidan Reveal Gave Us Legit Chills

Theory 1: The Wedding Dress Means Carrie Gets Closure

For those who have been following social media closely, you’ve likely seen the new photos of SJP wearing her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress (you know, the one from the SATC movie) as part of the new season. Though paparazzi shots certainly surfaced, this plot point is hardly being kept a secret, as the official AJLT IG account shared pics of Carrie in the dress as well.

The fact that the bridal look isn’t being kept top secret means its appearance is probably not integral to the plot—at least not in a “Carrie’s-getting-married-again” kind of way. More likely, Carrie dons the dress for a walk down the street in a moment of closure, finally putting the Big chapter of her life to rest.

Season one was all about mourning and moving on (Carrie indicates she’s ready for the latter with that final elevator kiss). If this theory holds true and Carrie takes the wedding gown for a spin early on in the new season, it’s most certainly an indicator that the “moving on” is complete and she’s taking ownership of her new life, unwilling to forget the past but also unwilling to let it control her future. (This seems even more likely as we see in the season two trailer that she's still fooling around with her podcast producer!)

Theory 2: Che Gets Their Redemption Story

Perhaps no character in season one was more divisive—or the subject of more memes—than Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez). Fans loved to hate on Che. From Che not replying to Miranda’s DMs to Che giving Miranda shit for showing up at their apartment unannounced (because she was “craving me some Che”), there were plenty of reasons to not be Team Che.

However, if we know one thing about the SATC/AJLT creators, it’s that they listen to fan feedback (hello, Aidan is back!). And since the feedback on Che has been so…what’s the word…loud, it makes sense that Che will finally get their redemption story in the sophomore season.

Ramirez hinted at as much during an interview with Variety when they said, “The first season was judging a book by its cover, and season two is about reading the book.” Oh, and Michael Patrick King backed this up, saying, “One of my burning passions about season two is Che. I want to show the dimension of Che that people didn’t see, for whatever reason—because they were blinded, out of fear or terror. I want to show more of Che rather than less of Che. Like, really.” Redemption storyline in 3, 2, 1…

Theory 3: LTW Gets More ‘Sex’ with Her ‘City’

One of the complaints about the newer characters in the first season stemmed from the fact that each fabulous face was (mostly) tethered to the storylines of the original gals. Now that we know Che, Seema (Sarita Choudhury), Nya (Karen Pittman) and LTW (Nicole Ari Parker) from season one, we have the opportunity for them to live out their own larger storylines. And we have a feeling LTW will get the chance to partake in some more steamy scenes (why should Che and Miranda have all the fun?!).

PureWow sat down with Parker back in September and she hinted at this possibility. “I can’t wait to see what happens,” she said. “I think my character could have a little bit more sex in the city, and I got a really great co-star, Chris Jackson, from Hamilton, as you know. I think this season, there's going to be more marital fun.”

And judging by the new trailer, where we see LTW come out of the closet in lingerie and stomp towards her shirtless husband in bed, we’re guessing Parker’s wish is gonna come true.

Theory 4: Carrie Bumps into Aidan Randomly…and Strikes Up a Relationship

OK, unless you’ve been under an And Just Like That rock, you already know Aidan (John Corbett) is reviving his SATC character this season. And while there were plenty of theories as to whether or not his return would involve a romantic or platonic relationship with Carrie, SJP herself seems to have definitively answered the question.

Previously, Parker posted a series of photos on Instagram showing Carrie and Aidan kissing on a New York City street. And while smooching is plenty romantic, honestly we could have guessed this from previously released pics that showed Corbett and Parker on set in a home goods store—shopping for dishware already? Seems like relationship stuff to us. But how will the two meet?

Our theory is that Carrie will bump into Aidan randomly. As TV Insider points out, Aidan and Carrie re-entered each others’ lives several times in the OG series after accidentally crossing paths. This was continued in the SATC 2 film when Aidan was somehow magically also in Abu Dhabi. It would only make sense to their story if their later-in-life reunion were to occur because of a chance encounter.

Theory 5: L.A. Doesn’t Go Well...But Miranda and Che Are Still Trying

Let’s talk about Miranda’s hair color change in season one. While fabulous, this was a clear indication that Miranda was in a different life place than when we knew her back in the SATC days. This became evident with her sexual experimentation, her return to school, her split from Steve and her “I’ll take a chance on love” trip to the west coast with Che.

But guess what, folks? The red hair is back and we think that means old-school Miranda is too. Our guess is that her red locks are just a clue (along with the fact that she and Che are clearly both in NYC again) that L.A. didn’t work out for them and that she’s ready to rebuild her life. The only thing appears Che is still in the picture romantically.

Per the new trailer, Che and Miranda are still being physical (it's not a flashback as Miranda's locks are clearly red). And Miranda says, "It's a big step up for Che and me."

But Che aside, we’re predicting (and hoping) Miranda's "return to her roots" means a less problematic version of herself, ideally no longer trying to be a white savior to her professor. We think we’ll see Miranda return to her stronger, more independent days now that she is no longer with Steve (who, by the way, didn't appear at all in the season two trailer...). And, god willing, she won’t utter another word about chia seeds.

Theory 6: The Samantha/Carrie Meet-up Was a Success…But She’s Still Not Coming Back

The finale episode of the first season gave us plenty of twists, including an off-screen, Parisian reunion between Carrie and Samantha. After showing signs of softening via text message, Samantha finally agreed to meet up with Carrie. But how did it go?!

Obviously, we won’t be seeing the wonderful Kim Cattrall (though wouldn’t that be a coup!), but Michael Patrick King did confirm that we’d be getting more of Samantha in season two, courtesy of text messages once again. This means we’re likely to get answers about the meet-up rather early in the season.

Our theory is that it went swimmingly, and the season two texts will be less cold and distant and more friendly and full of that signature Samantha wit. Look, if we can’t have Cattrall’s brilliant delivery, at least we can still have her character’s sex-laden puns.

Theory 7: Things Don’t Go as Planned for Carrie

While this might be the most vague of our theories, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that the second season won’t be drama-free for our gals. And we think that will be especially true for Miss Bradshaw herself.

Photos from set show Parker donning what appears to be a (chic) bathrobe on the street. Parker looks stunning as always, but this outfit, while still stylish, doesn’t seem to indicate that Carrie’s life is peachy. In fact, if we had to guess, this looks an awful lot like an “I just went through a breakup” outfit.

Does this mean things are short-lived for Carrie and Aidan? Or are we just reading too much into Carrie’s Gucci x Birkenstock casual-wear fiasco? Only time, and that season two release date, will tell.

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