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We’ve already told you about our favorite books of the year, but if you’re more of a magazine kind of gal, consider these 19 articles from 2017, about everything from Gossip Girl and LSD to Frances McDormand and Olive Garden.

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best articles la times
L.A. Times

If you're not much of a podcast person...

Read the text verion of “Dirty John,” a wild true-crime story about a woman who gets involved with a man who is not who he says he is. (L.A. Times)

best articles ny mag
Erik Tanner/New York Magazine

If you've taken an Uber in the last week...

Read about Bozoma Saint John, the company’s chief brand officer, who’s been a ray of sunshine in an otherwise difficult time for the tech giant. (New York Magazine)

best articles nyt
Katy Grannan/The New York Times

If you like your actresses a bit less mainstream...

Read a phenomenal profile of Frances McDormand, who—*crosses fingers*—should win an Oscar this year. (The New York Times)

best articles eater
Olive Garden/Facebook

If there's a chain restaurant you know isn't good but still eat at anyway...

Read about one writer’s nostalgic fascination with Olive Garden. (Eater)

best articles esquire

If you're distraught about the opioid crisis...

Read about the secretive family (whom your favorite museum wing might be named after) that’s making billions at the expense of the addicted. (Esquire)

best articles politico
Michael T. Regan/Politico


Read about why they’re—deservedly—one of the most well-respected groups in hip-hop. (Politico)

best articles elle
Mark Seliger/Elle

If you prefer your rappers female...

Read about the inimitable creative genius that is Missy Elliott. (Elle)

best articles vanity fair
Mark Seliger/Vanity Fair

If you still love Chuck Bass...

Read an oral history of the campy masterpiece Gossip Girl on its tenth anniversary. (Vanity Fair)

best articles guardian
Alexandra Iakovleva/Getty/The Guardian

If you eat way more kale and avocados than you did 15 years ago...

Read about why we as a society fell for “clean eating.” (The Guardian)

best articles guernica
The Parker family collection, Monrovia, Liberia.

If you're thrilled that Nina Simone is *finally* being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

Read about the years the singer spent in Liberia searching for a sense of peace, a husband or a sense of home. (Guernica)

best articles rolling stone
MAPS/Rolling Stone

If you're interested in alternative treatments...

Read about the small but passionate community advocating the use of hallucinogens like MDMA and LSD to treat various ailments. (Rolling Stone)

best articles new yorker
The New Yorker

If you're wondering why your inbox is mostly sale emails from J.Crew...

Read about why the brand’s preppy vision of America is failing. (The New Yorker)

best articles broadly
Melanie Metz/Broadly

If you just can't quit LaCroix...

Read about the women in Florida who have been drinking it for years (and feel it’s being appropriated by hipsters). (Broadly)

best articles california sunday
Diàna Markosian/California Sunday

If you want a good cry...

Read about what happens to a group of young siblings when their mom is deported to Mexico. (California Sunday)

best articles atlantic
Lola Dupre/The Atlantic

If you want a good scare...

Read about how experts can diagnose psychopathy in children as young as three…and where these kids’ parents go from there. (The Atlantic)

best articles nautilus
The National Archives and Records Administration/Nautilus

If you need help justifying your laziness...

Read about how that Darwin guy (and other famous scientists) was kind of a slacker—and why it might pay off for you to be one too. (Nautilus)

best articles vox
Javier Zarracina/Vox

If you want dessert after every meal...

Read about a decades-long effort by the chocolate industry that has resulted in dark chocolate being considered healthy. (Not that we’re complaining.) (Vox)

best articles mel
MEL Magazine

If you still quote Wedding Crashers on the reg...

Read an oral history of the bromance comedy, including how long it took to shoot that opening montage. (MEL Magazine)

best articles buzzfeed
Bravo/Getty Images

If your DVR is constantly filled with petty arguments between rich women with too much Botox...

Read an argument that the Real Housewives franchise, which has been around for more than a decade, has reached its peak. (Buzzfeed)

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