Anyone else feel a bit down as the days begin to shorten? You’re not alone. For an instant pick-me-up, we’d suggest treating yourself to a fresh mani. Sure, there’s no science to the mood-boosting benefits of painting your nails yet, but we sure as heck feel better when our tips are freshly polished. With that, here are 21 holiday hues to cure the winter blues.

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1. A glimmering gold

Olive & June Nail Polish in “Obvi”

Like jewelry for your nails, this festive gold polish dresses up bare nails in a sparkling swipe.

Buy it ($8)

2. A bright red

Zoya Nail Polish in “Soko”

Why, to match those poinsettias, of course!

Buy it ($10)

3. A frosted pink

Essie Nail Polish in “Sugarplum Fairytale”

Straight from their winter collection, this sweet shade reminds us of holiday treats.

Buy it ($9)

4. A shimmery brown

OPI Nail Lacquer in "Gingerbread Man Can"

This shimmery brown adds a little spice to an otherwise neutral shade.

Buy it ($11)

5. A holographic glitter

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in "Oy to the World"

Oh, what fun! This bottle is meant to mimic a snow globe so be sure to give it a good shake before you apply the blue-and-silver flecks of glitter to your tips.

$14 at Amazon

6. A creamy maroon

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Color in “Truth to Power”

Imagine your maroon nails wrapped around a glass of Merlot. #issamood

Buy it ($20

7. A crisp white

Jin Soon Nail Polish in “Absolute White”

Like freshly fallen snow, you know?

Buy it ($18)

8. A pale gray

Sundays Nail Polish in "No.31"

A soft dove gray will make you feel calmer every time you look down at your hands.

$18 at Amazon

9. A peach shimmer

Orly Nail Polish in “Snow Worries”

We’d liken this shimmery peach polish to a highlighter for your nails: It adds just a touch of flattering sparkle.

Buy it ($10)

10. A bold navy

Nails Inc. Plant Power Nail Polish in “Spiritual Gangster”

A bit brighter than black but no less impactful, a deep navy is especially chic come January.

Buy it ($10)

11. A copper glitter

Paintbox Nail Lacquer in “Like Spark”

With flecks of penny and copper, this high-shine shade sparkles at every angle, in every light.

Buy it ($22)

12. A pinkish red

Revlon Nail Enamel in “Cherries in the snow”

Looking for a classic hue? This vintage polish dates back to the ‘50s and is every bit as flattering then as it is now.

$4 at Amazon

13. A dusty mauve

Tenoverten Nail Polish in “Mulberry”

For something a bit more toned down, try this creamy pink that will match any ensemble.

Buy it ($12)

14. A royal purple

Orosa Nail Polish in “Lobby Boy”

Speaking of winter wardrobes, picture this purple against an ivory sweater.

Buy it ($12)

15. A bright emerald

Olive & June Nail Polish in “Besties”

Fact: An emerald mani is evergreen.

Buy it ($8)

16. A glittery red

Essie Nail Polish in “In A Gingersnap”

Rich and rosy and flecked with golden glitter, it doesn’t get much more festive than this.

Buy it ($9)

17. A deep Bordeaux

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in "Lovers Creep"

Aka our go-to shade when we need something to pop against our sun-deprived skin.

Buy it ($18)

18. An opal ivory

Hannah Nail Polish in “Akoya”

This delicate ivory is that unique shade that you can’t quite put a finger on. Sheer and tinged with gold, it reminds us of a pearl, which is fitting as it was created by a jewelry designer.

Buy it ($19)

19. A shiny silver

Londontown Lakur in “Dishy Splendour”

Just one coat will give you a mirror like shine.

$16 at Amazon

20. A shimmering black

Orly Nail Polish in “Below Zero”

Put your hand up to the light and be dazzled by this glimmering black polish, as it twinkles like the night sky.

Buy it ($10)

21. A muted marshmallow

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish in “All American Beauty”

And if you’re just looking for a clean and classic hue, this muted marshmallow will deliver. The finish is somewhere between a sheer and a creamy opaque depending on how many layers you paint on.

Buy it ($10)

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