5 Things to Do to Feel Happier Right This Instant

The doldrums: They aren’t just reserved for winter. And while adding a few plants to your space, adopting a daily journaling habit and catching up with loved ones can be helpful, sometimes (read: Sundays) we just need a quick, low-effort hit of serotonin. Here, five easy ways to feel happier right this instant.

1. Light A Citrus-scented Candle

Smelling citrus is a proven mood-booster, and we’re partial to the new Coastal Sunshine Citrus™ scent from Glade. With notes of Mediterranean citrus, fresh coastal air and pineapple, you’ll be ready to say #ByeByeSundayBlues in no time.

instantly happy woman napping
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2. Take A Power Nap

Remember when you were a cranky kid and your parent’s excuse was “they’re just tired…”? There are plenty of studies—like this one from Japan—that link a short span of shut-eye to positive mood. The best length, according to a sleep expert? A so-called “power nap” of about 20 minutes—just enough rest to reset yet not enough to potentially enter into deep sleep.

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3. Meditate

A study from NYU and Virginia Tech conducted in 2018 indicated that brief, daily meditation enhances attention, memory, mood and emotional regulation. Here, an easy explainer for how to meditate.

instantly happy sun
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4. Catch Some Rays

…After applying your daily sunscreen, of course. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics, regular sun exposure can increase serotonin and vitamin D, which helps with mental health and overall wellbeing.

instantly happy dancig
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5. Blast The Feel-good Tunes

The lo-fi beats of your “WFH playlist” are great and all, but sometimes you just gotta jam to Whitney Houston or Harry Styles. And if you’re so inclined to dance like no one’s watching, we can almost guarantee that frown will turn upside down.


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