Nail Art in 2022 Is All About Joyful Escapism (Because We Could All Use a Break)

It used to be that nails were an afterthought or forgotten about altogether. Backstage at fashion shows, on red carpets or in high school homerooms, talk mostly centered around your clothes or your hair. Sure, you might notice someone’s makeup, but almost never their nails.

This has changed drastically over the past decade, as social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have become a virtual portfolio for nail artists to share their creative designs from around the world. Since then, our idea of nail art has expanded far beyond a glitter accent nail or one type of white-tipped French manicure. Now, we have every type of French mani you could ever think of, 3-D designs and nail jewelry (think: small hoops and charms) to entertain.

By 2020, nail art was already deeply embedded into mainstream culture, but when the pandemic began, it became even more relevant for many people. Painting your nails at home became a way to unwind, and DIY designs (via press ons and nail stickers) offered a small, fingertip-sized window of escape from the difficulties of daily life.

As such, the recent wave of nail art we’re seeing is light, bright and fun. It’s less centered around one specific trend and more about an overarching mood: joyful. We’ll show you what we mean ahead.

1. Geometric Designs

“With many of us working from home and being confined to our daily routines, nail art and bright manicures can bring us joy and spontaneity,” says Canishiea J. Sams, a nail artist based in Sacramento, California. “Geometric shapes in different color palettes can bring some much needed pizzazz to the mundane.”

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2. Neon Brights

Anyone else getting Saved by the Bell vibes from these neon nails? The delightfully vibrant colors and ‘80s-inspired designs give off a little jolt of energy every time you look down at your hands.

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3. Bold Reds And Pinks

“A clean, bold-colored manicure in hot pink or red brings a sense of fun and vibrancy back to people’s lives,” shares Mia Rubie, founder of Sparkly SF Salon. “We’ve been living through some tough times and nail art has become a highlight for many of my clients. Looking down at the shiny, sparkly little works of art on their fingertips is a reminder of who they are: awesome people carrying on with life, enjoying the little luxuries—even on the hard days.”

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4. Mellow Blues

Easily one of the most soothing shades to look at, a muted blue (or this year’s “Very-Peri,” a mood-boosting periwinkle) is a fitting hue to swipe for the times. Pair it with a playful design like this checkerboard print and you’ve got an eye-catching combo.

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5. Confetti Confections

In 2022, another nail artist told us she hopes to see more confetti style glitter because it’s festive, fun and it goes with any theme or season. She adds that the sparkly style brings happiness to everyone, to which we say, cue the confetti. Let it rain!

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