The One Beauty Tip Your Mom Was Totally Wrong About

Among the many rites of passage we recall from our adolescence, one of them was learning how to apply blush. We can still picture it clearly: Our cherubic faces grinning wildly in front of a mirror before swirling on a bright pop of color onto the apples of our cheeks. Peak glamour.

We saw our moms do it, so we copied them without question, but it turns out this isn’t the best way to wear blush.

As Mario Dedivanovic (aka MakeupbyMario or the main man behind Kim K’s signature look) recently taught us: It’s better to keep a neutral face when you’re applying blush.

Think about what happens when you stop smiling. Your cheeks drop back to their normal position, right? Now imagine where your freshly applied blush goes. That would be South.

Any color you placed on your cheeks ends up lower than you want it to be, which makes your entire face droop. Instead, you want to smile lightly (or keep a neutral face altogether) and apply your blush just above the apples of your cheeks and blend it upwards and outwards to subtly lift your features.

And here’s the finishing touch: Take any leftover blush that’s on your brush and sweep it on the tip of your nose and chin for a more cohesive (and more youthful) glow. 

OK, now call your mom to share your newly learned tip (and try not to be so smug about it).

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