Makeup Mogul Huda Kattan on Vulnerability, Self-Care & Evolving Her Brand

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If you know beauty, you know Huda Kattan—entrepreneur, brand founder and most recently, NFT enthusiast. In 2013, Kattan founded Huda Beauty, a billion-dollar business that was born out of the makeup blog she started in 2010. We had the chance to sit down with the makeup mogul, who shared her tips for evolving your brand, staying true to yourself online and the self-care ritual she uses to keep her head above water while juggling her many responsibilities.

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As one of the O.G. beauty influencers, Kattan has managed to stay on top in an industry that’s that’s so saturated. What’s her secret? “Vulnerability is key,” she stresses. “I think if you’re vulnerable enough to say to your community, ‘I am evolving, I am changing,’ your community will respect that.” Kattan adds, “It’s so easy for us as influencers or people who have brands to lose ourselves within that identity—and it’s so important not to. There are moments when people would refer to me as Huda Beauty. That is the brand I founded, but I am a person, and I’m much more than what you see of me on Instagram. I have very many layers to me.”

Kattan was also happy to share her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. “Remember why you’re doing what you do: because you love it,” she tells us. “How many of us have had a hobby, and then it becomes work? People are attracted to that kind of passion, and want you to share more of it—and then when you do, you start to look at the likes, algorithms, all these things, it’s easy to lose sight of why you started in the first place. Stay true to that.” Noted.

Despite her jam-packed schedule and constantly growing business, Kattan makes it very clear how crucial it is to incorporate little moments of self-care into her schedule—specifically her pre-bedtime routine. “Invest time in your nighttime routine,” she urges. “It’s really a special time to unwind and practice self-love.” Kattan admits that her own nighttime routine is “crazy” and takes about 45 minutes but is oh-so worth it. “I start with a nice, long bath, and then I have a ritual where I treat my body, and then my face. It’s a slow, meditative moment—there are even certain foods I eat at night to practice this. It really does get me into a space to reset, and I feel really good afterwards. That’s my self-love, and that’s my self-care.”

Anyone else craving a long, luxurious bath?

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