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Good news, friends: You don’t need to book pricey spa weekends or vacations in faraway lands for some serenity now. Instead, consult the below list and gradually transform your home into a pampering, restorative oasis to escape to every day of the year.

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1. Create a welcoming, beautiful entryway. First impressions (like a console table with a pretty piece of art) can signal the brain that you’re entering your safe space.

2. Add the warm glow of candles to every room (yup, even the bathroom). Go with simple white options for the least visual clutter and subtle, soothing scents like lavender, rose and vanilla.


3. Ditto fresh flowers. Even a bud vase of wallet-friendly grocery store blooms makes a huge impact both visually and aromatically.

4. Add living plants, too. Happy greenery evokes the calm of nature, looks lovely and purifies the air to boot.


5. Scrub your windows squeaky-clean and let in that restorative natural light.

6. While you’re at it, swap out your heavy drapes for gauzy, space-creating curtains (or heck, ditch curtains entirely).

7. Then open those windows wide and let the breeze blow in. (See ya, winter stuffiness.)


8. Paint your walls in calm, soothing hues (like a foggy blue, warm white or soft dove gray).

9. And when it comes to lighting, switch to full-spectrum bulbs (which mimic natural light better than standard ones.)

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10. Declutter, declutter, declutter. Editing is essential for a peaceful space, so toss any decor/knickknacks that don’t truly bring you joy (thanks for that mantra, Kondo).

11. Then organize any remaining chaos. Everyone has some random junk floating around (looking at you, Zara receipts), but corralling it in trays and baskets reduces visual stress.

12. In that vein, be sure to ditch any belongings with a negative emotional association (like those fugly wine glasses gifted by your ex’s mother).


13. Frame favorite photos—there’s no reason for treasured memories to linger in a dusty album.

14. And hang art that makes you happy just looking at it.


15. Pillows = coziness. So double your stash. (That goes for the throw pillows on the couch and your bed setup.)

16. Layer up on blankets, too. Every spot you use for lounging or reclining should have a soft throw to curl up in.  

17. Add an insanely comfy mattress topper to your bed (or spring for a new one if yours is getting super worn).


18. Work in soft textures where there weren’t any before—think upholstering a headboard or layering a foot-friendly hide over a coarse rug or hardwood.  

19. Craft a sit-down vanity for primping and pampering (because you’re a princess, dammit).

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20. Swap out ratty bath towels for fresh, XL bath sheets (double the mass, double the comfort).

21. Replace your standard showerhead with a massaging one.

22. And add an element of luxury to your bathroom, like a tufted stool, small chair or accent table next to the tub (for placing a book or glass of wine).


23. Create a spot of solitude just for you, whether that means converting a swing room into a dreamy walk-in closet or simply carving out a nook by a window for a comfy reading chair.

24. Incorporate calming natural elements into your decor—like wicker, wood, stone and seashells.


25. Designate a work-only zone, and keep the rest of your home entirely stress-free. 

26. Remove stimulating screens and tech gadgets from the bedroom (or if watching TV in bed is your happy place, at least conceal it in an armoire).

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