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From your standing monthly wax appointment to that kooky oxygen-infused facial you’re dying to try, everything is relative, financially. Here’s a quick rundown on the best things to do yourself--and the ones you should just leave to the professionals.

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What you can save on

1. Manicures. A $60 mani with a paraffin wrap? Hard pass. While we appreciate salons that pay fair wages, it puts quite the dent in the ol' wallet for a weekly paint-and-go. Save yourself a trip to the nail salon altogether and do it at home instead.  

2. Facials. With all of the at-home peels and masks that are out there, this is one area where you can definitely DIY in your PJs. And if you have underlying issues like acne or rosacea, you’re better off spending that money on medical services (see: lasers) or a visit to your derm.

3. Body scrubs. What we mean by this: all of those fancy add-ons, like seaweed wraps and coconut scrubs, that they try to sell you on while you’re getting a massage. Instead, buy your own body scrub (or make one at home) and use it in your shower for silky smooth skin that won’t cost you an extra $50.

4. Brow touch-ups. Get a professional shaping once a year and maintain the results at home with your trusty tweezers.

5. Teeth whitening. Your dentist might try to coax you into an in-office treatment, but unless your chompers are highly sensitive or (ahem) not your own, a box of whitening strips can work wonders on your coffee stains.

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What you should splurge on

1. Hair cuts and color. A trendy new cut or fresh balayage is a job best left to the pros. But if you’re concerned about costs, ask your stylist for some well-placed layers so the growing-out process is less awkward--or partial highlights instead of a full head of them. The maintenance will be easier and, most importantly, it will buy you some time between visits.

2. Laser hair removal. Sure, a session or two might set you back initially, but think about all of the time you’ll save not having to shave anymore--and the money you’ll save not having to keep up with your recurring wax appointments.

3. Laser face treatments. Hate to break it to you, folks, but if long-term results are what you’re seeking, you’re better off skipping the froufrou facials and putting that cash toward some in-office laser treatments like Fraxel or IPL. Whereas a good facial will leave you with temporarily glowing skin, a laser will go below the surface to give you lasting results.

4. Massages. Anyone who has experienced the healing powers of a thorough massage knows that this is one treat worth its price tag. Just make sure to seek a licensed massage therapist (and not the nail tech who offers a “deep tissue special”) to really get the kinks out.

5. Lash extensions. While a cheaper service (hello, Groupon deals!) is enticing, a skilled--and more often than not, pricier--technician can make your faux fringe blend seamlessly with your own. Not to mention, they last much longer. 

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