We’re Calling It: 2024 Is the Year of Experimental Lipstick

Glitter, moody shades and lots of liner

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When it comes to a new year, we love a bit of trend forecasting. Whether it’s finding your next hair color or picking the latest skincare craze to try out, we have been hard at work researching and reaching out to our expert friends for predictions. And in our search we might’ve discovered the makeup trend of 2024: experimental lipstick. While 2003 centered around the eyes, we’re going to be focusing more on our pout for the months ahead. From “vampy lips” to “diamond lips,” here are the top lipstick trends we believe are going to be a hit in 2024.

Meet the Expert

David Birdwell is a celebrity makeup artist and executive director of global education and artistry for BUXOM Cosmetics. He has more than 25 years of experience in the beauty space. His previous clients include Jordyn Woods and Pritika Swarup.

I'm a Beauty Editor and This Is the 2024 Makeup Trend I'm Most Excited About

1. Honey Lips

This trend was buzzing around all over TikTok and we think it’s going to continue well into the new year. 'Honey lips' will have you looking like you’re dripping in gold—minus the stickiness of the sweet nectar. To achieve this trend, apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow at the center of your lips and use a brown lip liner to outline the shape of your lips. (A helpful tip: Use a blending brush to go over any harsh lines.) The final step is layering on a gloss (or a lip oil) to mimic the honey texture.

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2. Vampy Berry Lips

We blame the Twilight reboot news. But jokes aside, ‘vampire skin’ was a hit in 2022, so it’s no surprise ‘vampy lips’ are following behind. “Deep lip colors have been trending, but with more sheen to the finish than matte,” says Birdwell. "This deep berry lip has a bit of mystery with a modern-day gorgeous grunge feel to it.” Before trying out the trend, Birdwell suggests exfoliating the lips for a smoother base, which will also make it easier to apply the products. Once your lips are soft and supple, shape them with a deep brown liner before applying a dark shade lipstick (magenta, burgundy, etc) to the center of the lips and blending it seamlessly with the lip liner. Finally, layer on a gloss at the center of the bottom lip and the top for some dimension.

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3. Concealer Lips

Like it or not, this 2009 lip trend is making a comeback. (We still don’t know how to feel about it.) We predicted the revival of 'Concealer Lips' back in March 2023 and soon after Sofia Richie was spotted trying the trend a couple months later. In a recent TikTok tutorial, she applied two neutral shades of lip gloss before adding a tiny dot of concealer on the center of her lips for a dramatic ombré effect. 

4. Diamond Lips

Hello, shimmer. This glossy lip is not just for the NYE festivities coming up. As Birdwell explains, “Glossy glitter finishes will dominate for lips as they capture light [and shine] while offering a unique color pairing with a clear, nude or pinky-peach.” To mimic the look, use a silver lip liner and a silver shimmer eyeshadow to focus only on the cupid’s bow and center of the bottom lip. Then use a nude lip liner on the outer areas before applying a gloss (or a lip balm) to complete the whole look.

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5. '90s Supermodel Lips

There’s no denying that the ‘90s have the best beauty looks, which is why we’ll always love a brown lip moment. From Megan Thee Stallion to Beyoncé, celebs can’t get enough of this classic look. The key here is selecting a shade that matches your lips’ natural color and a lip liner that’s a few shades darker, which will accentuate your juicy pout. Now, you don’t want to overline your lips too much, so use a brush to blend seamlessly together for a natural finish.

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6. Cherry Cola Lips

Speaking of the ‘90s, 'Cherry Cola Lips' are on our radar for 2024. It’s one of the boldest looks on the list, as seen recently on Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Rosalía. As makeup artist Mel Trierweiler previously told us, ‘’In line with its name, the cherry cola lip combo uses a deep brown lip liner on the outer edges of the lips, before going in with red lipsticks and glosses for a blended effect that’s reminiscent of the '90s beauty trend. The result is defined lips that are blushing with ‘cola’ and ‘cherry’ shades.” 

I Did a Lipstick Reading (Because Apparently Our Pouts Reveal Things About Our Personalities)

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