I'm a Beauty Editor and This Is the 2024 Makeup Trend I'm Most Excited About

Because it’s easy to do and supremely flattering

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Often, there’s a big difference between editorial or runway makeup and everyday makeup that I can actually attempt to do at home. After all, looking at intricately lined eyes and artfully painted blush is fun, but it doesn’t usually translate to something I can wear to the grocery store.

But there is one trend I spotted during New York Fashion Week this year that made me think hmm, I could probably pull this off, and it comes courtesy of makeup artist Romy Soleimani at Ulla Johnson’s SS 2024 show.

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Based on the image above can you guess what it is? Laminated brows? Nope. Fresh, dewy skin? Haven’t had that since I entered my mid-30s.

OK, I’ll tell you. It’s two-toned lipstick, which historically is a look that’s been worn by K-Pop idols in bright popsicle hues like hot pink and orange. However, Romy’s version is a touch toned down, and thus, grocery-store friendly. (Man, I really need to get out more.)

The key to getting this look *just right* is to use two shades of lipstick that play well with each other. For example, you could apply a brighter peach lipstick on the bottom lip and a warmer terracotta on the top (like Romy did) and you’ve got yourself a two-dimensional pout that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your face. In fact, makeup artists often use two or more complementary shades to create custom hues for their celebrity clients.

So, as we slowly look ahead to 2024, I hope you’ll join me in experimenting with some of your lesser-worn lipsticks. Try as many combinations as you fancy—or at least until you land on a duo that works for you.

My only piece of advice before we part? Try not to smack your lips together too much throughout the day, so you don’t lose the contrast between the two colors. (Or smack away, and enjoy your newly blended shade!)

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