I Did a Lipstick Reading (Because Apparently Our Pouts Reveal Things About Our Personalities)

The lines don’t lie

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You’ve heard of palm readings and birth charts, but have you ever considered getting a lipstick reading done? I actually got to experience one myself a few weeks ago and my mind was officially blown, folks. Here’s everything you need to know about lipstick readings, according to the very expert who analyzed my pout print. 

Meet the Expert:

Beth Engerson is a certified lipsologist who has been working in the space since 2016. There are only nine certified lipsologists in the world as of now, and Engerson is the eighth certified expert in this field. She currently does individual lip readings, as well as readings for small groups, corporate events and virtual parties.   

What Is Lipstick Reading? 

Lipstick reading (also known as lipsology) is the art of analyzing a lipstick stain. This process has 25 different categories and over 100 sub-categories that are customizable to each individual. According to Engerson, a certified lipsologist is “able to describe key characteristics of a person, including their personality, preferences, health, energy and stress levels. It’s like a snapshot at the time of the kiss.” 

All you have to do is apply your favorite lipstick before stamping a kiss onto a sheet of white paper. From there, an expert will take a little closer look at your pout and determine who you are and who you want to be. “Sometimes a reading will bring some ideas that they weren't thinking about before. For example, it could be that you’re considering a new job, a hobby or giving people the courage to try something different.” 

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What Does My Lipstick Print Mean?

Engerson first looks at the size, shape, color intensity and location of the lip print(s) on the paper and assesses which characteristics jump out to her. She notes that providing multiple lip prints at a time can be helpful for the reading. “More than one lip print provides even more information or it enforces the same message,” she explains.

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The shape of your lips can play a key role in your analysis. The common shapes are triangle, circle/oval, square and diamond. 

  • If you have triangle-shaped lips, you have sharper edges, a pointier top and a fuller bottom lip. This shape represents leaders, coaches and team players, who lend a helping hand when needed. 
  • If you have circle- or oval-shaped lips, you have a full top and bottom lip. These shapes are often mediators in social situations, who want everything to run smoothly. 
  • If you square- or rectangle-shaped lips, you have a fuller top lip and wider edges. This shape is the problem solver, who can offer advice and look at both sides of any issue. They are usually referred to as a fairy godmother.
  • If you have diamond-shaped lips, you have a tighter pout. This shape represents a mentor, who shares their success and is constantly giving back to their community. 
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Lip Print Saturation

The way you press your lips down on the paper can represent your energy. 

  • If you leave a pigmented stain, it means you have a lot of energy and strength. 
  • If you leave a faded stain, it means you have a lack of energy and may need to recharge a bit.
what is lip reading lip opening

Lip Opening

The amount of space between your lips can determine how “open” you are to others and new experiences. 

  • If your lips are open (meaning they don’t touch), you have an easier time opening up to others and often look for changes in your life. You’re not afraid to try new things and are very adventurous. 
  • If your lips are closed, you’re more reserved and cautious. This group is not keen on change and would rather stick to their own ways. 
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Lip Lines

Similar to palm readings, this involves taking a closer look at the lines on your lips. You’ll find:

  • Stress lines indicate your levels of stress. If there are more lines on the upper lip, you’re dealing with stress that’s out of your control. If the lines are more prominent on your bottom lip, you’re dealing with stress that you can work on. 
  • Spiritual lines are located along the perimeter of your lips and move inwards. If they are prominent on the top or bottom lip, you are viewed as a spiritual person and you have a deep connection to spirits or your intuitions. 
  • Dark lines can hint at different things. According to Engerson, dark lines on the outside of the upper lip print can describe a person as “putting effort into an activity or project and have their effort be noticed by others.” And if the lines are lighter, this person is healing and finding their own strength. 

As mentioned, there are 25 categories—including the four listed above—and 125 sub-categories within lipsology, so every lipstick reading is unique to a person’s pout. If you’re curious, we'd recommend booking a session with a lipsologist. 

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A Beauty Editor Tries a Lipstick Reading

If you need any more incentive to try one out yourself, I got a lipstick reading done recently and couldn’t believe how accurate it was. Based on my two kiss prints, Engerson was able to determine a few things about me:

  • My two lip prints showed different stories. The first print revealed a round/oval shape, which Engerson explained as my presentation to the world. "This shape is generally a person who likes to make sure everything is going smoothly. You want everyone to be able to get along," she adds. However, the second print was more square/rectangle, which means I'm the glue that holds my family and friends together and often a problem solver.
  • According to Engerson, my lips didn't show too many lines, so I wasn't very stressed the day of the print. However, there was a light line going all the way through the left side of my upper lip, which suggests I'm healing from a loss and I will come out stronger than before.
  • There were a few other lines that came out of my upper right lip in both prints. This denotes sarcasm and seeing it in both prints says I'm very sarcastic.
  • My color saturation was dark and indicates I had a lot of energy that day. Engerson says, "It represents a person who is energetic and cheers others on. People are also attracted to that energy."
  • The lip prints are both average in size, which means I'm a busy juggler. "This person likes to juggle a number of different things at the same time and makes it look easy. Both prints are also consistent, which indicates you're someone who was consistent at the time of the print."
  • The thinner upper lip print indicates I'm a good listener. However, I only listen for a short period of time before drifting off into my own thoughts.
  • Meanwhile, my full lower lip means I like to be social and animals love me.

At the end, she jotted down six key takeaways for me, which included:

  • I’m thinking about my plans and dreams.
  • I’m sarcastic.
  • I'm very cautious.
  • I’m a busy juggler.
  • I listen for a short period of time.
  • I’m a good communicator. 

Who knew our lips could be so insightful? Bottom line: If you’re ever looking for a fun activity to do with friends or you just want to learn more about your lips, try a lipstick reading.

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