2 Zodiac Signs Who Nail Halloween Every Year (& One Who Throws It Together at the Last Minute)

zodiac signs who love halloween

Every Halloween, two types of people emerge—those who have been prepping for the day since the summertime and those who, up until the day before, didn’t even think they needed a costume. While many folks would argue that the presence of candy trumps all, the discrepancy between all-out Halloween celebrators and those unfazed by the holiday is undeniable. And perhaps it has something to do with the stars. Below, find out the two zodiac signs who nail Halloween every year and the one who throws their look together at the last minute. Seriously, we can't wait to see what they all put together for Halloween 2022.

The Two Zodiac Signs Who Nail Halloween Each Year

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

If you’re into pop culture, you know that Heidi Klum is to Halloween what Mariah Carey is to Christmas. The holiday just wouldn’t be the same without the German supermodel donning an outrageous costume and throwing her annual Halloween bash for La La Land’s finest. We’re sure her penchant for playing dress up has many roots, however, we can’t overlook the fact that she’s a Gemini, and her love for an over-the-top Halloween costume is perfectly in line with the playful and childlike nature these air signs are known for. Though you probably won’t be getting an invitation to Klum’s annual Halloween shindig, expect the Gemini in your life to be as equally invested, with their renowned wit on full display (don’t be surprised if you see some punny costumes—French Kiss or Anna Winter anyone?). And If you’re looking for something last minute, Gemini’s got your back. Just give these resourceful queens access to your closet and you’ll walk away with a DIY showstopper in no time. 

Aquarius (January 22 to February 19)

Not that they ever needed a reason to dress up, but just like Geminis, Aquarians thrive on Halloween. While the rest of us are racking our brains and clamoring to figure out which on-the-nose pop culture reference to duplicate, Aquarians are naturally great at thinking out of the box and have probably been sewing their All Hallows’ Eve fit since August. Expect them to be the eccentric party guest who shows up as Sadness from Inside Out, a can of La Croix or something as outside the box as a fried egg. But it’s not just about the costumes for these innovative water bearers, it’s also about over-the-top and avant garde decorations. Pandemic or not, these air signs are likely to have themed candy bags instead of your typical bowl for trick-or-treaters, a Halloween tree as part of the living room decor and a front porch that’s reminiscent of a haunted house

The One Sign Who’ll Throw Their Look Together Last Minute

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Introverted Pisces is likely not going to want to go out in the first place. In their ideal world, a night in, binge-watching the Halloween franchise and munching on some discount Halloween candy is as good a celebration as any. However, because they can be a bit clingy, they’re not going to be the one friend who stays home while their squad goes out. But just because they’re putting a look together at the last minute doesn’t mean they’re going to throw on a sheet and go as a ghost or borrow some form of animal ears and call it a night. If these elusive water signs are going to show up (provided they don’t flake), they’ll ensure they do it right. Imaginative and undeniably creative, don’t be surprised when they manage to show up as a bunch of grapes—using the left-over balloons from a birthday party—or they excel at creeping everyone out with a very convincing Pennywise makeup look…they can be dark and mysterious after all.

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