3 Zodiac Signs That Are the Ultimate Foodies (& 2 Who Are Cool With a PB&J)

Everyone needs to eat. But for some people, eating is less of a necessity and more of a lifestyle. The word “foodie” (a person who enjoys food for pleasure) was first coined in the 1980’s, but its origins date back much further in time. You could argue that the first gourmand wasn’t James Beard but was actually Louis XIV. For some, making a meal into a spectacle—or at least an Instagram story—is just part of human nature. So why are some of us waiting on line for Cronuts and hunting down ramp pesto while others barely care about the difference between mild and sharp cheddar? As always, astrology might have something to do with it. Here’s our definitive list of the three zodiac signs who are the ultimate foodies (and the two who could survive the rest of their life on PB&J).

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3 Zodiac Signs That Are The Ultimate Foodies

1. Taurus

We couldn’t make a list of the top foodie zodiac signs and put Taurus anywhere but the top. Taurus—along with Libra—is one of the two signs ruled by sensuous, romantic Venus and is arguably the sign most attuned to the finer things in life. If it isn’t comforting and delicious, a Taurus wants nothing to do with it. Though these lovable bulls often shy away from trying anything outside of their comfort zone (do not suggest they order the rabbit stew when the goat cheese ravioli is right there), they have super high standards for the classics. Indulgence is key for these grounded earth signs, so bring on the creamy sauces, the rich desserts and the expensive bottles of natural wine.

2. Cancer

We all know that Cancer has a reputation as the “Mom” of the zodiac and much of that stereotype has to do with their skills in the kitchen. Though your Cancer friend is not the person you want ordering for the table at a restaurant (leave that to the Libra in the group), she is the one you want deciding the menu for a stay-at-home dinner party. Cancer is ruled by the moon and the moon’s children always know what’s going to be comforting and satisfying. Attuned to life’s ebbs and flows, they know how to go all out when following a whim. Everyone’s favorite gourmand Anthony Bourdain (RIP) was a Cancer! (Though most Cancers do not have such an adventurous palate.) Cancers tend to love sweets more than savory snacks. So don’t be surprised when your Cancer bestie becomes an accidental baking influencer after her quarantine hobby becomes a lifestyle brand.

3. Virgo

If you’re visiting a city and want to know where to eat, ask a Virgo. Virgos are ultimate foodies of the zodiac because beyond having a grounded need for comfort (like Taurus and Cancer), they have the most impeccable taste. Though Virgos may seem unadventurous, their admiration for technical prowess leads them to try things on the menu that both Cancer and Taurus would never touch. Virgos also love the experience of eating out and know which restaurants take care of you from the moment you walk in the door. Always trust a Virgo’s opinion.

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2 Zodiac Signs That Are Cool With A Pb&j

1. Aquarius

The honest truth is that most Aquarians could live off of nothing but Soylent. Yes, Aquarius is a sophisticated and intellectual air sign, up to date on all the reviews from Eater and Grub Street and The Infatuation. And yes, your Aquarius bestie is always going to pick the most amazing restaurant for her birthday dinner, but she is not a foodie nor does she care to be one. She knows that you’re supposed to let the coffee “bloom” in the French Press before pouring in most of the water but she’s more interested in getting her caffeine fix. She covers her face every time you try to take a picture of her at brunch (where she orders plain old eggs and toast). The conspicuous consumption of “food culture” is just too tacky for the waterbearer to handle. Yes, quintessential Aquarius Paris Hilton did just release her own Netflix cooking show but she’s way more concerned with the vibes of the meal (“That’s hot!”) than how anything tastes.

2. Gemini

Like Aquarius, Gemini is an air sign who is much more concerned with knowing what’s trendy than actually indulging in food trends. Like Virgos, Gemini is also ruled by information-planet Mercury but unlike their sister sign, Geminis don’t need much fanfare in their dining experience. Always on the go, you can usually catch a Gemini shoving down a burrito while power walking to their next event. Now if you’re a Gemini reading this and thinking, “What are you talking about? I am a chef, foodie and connoisseur!” Well, you probably have a few Taurus placements in your chart (both Mercury and Venus never travel too far away from the sun) giving you a need for splendor with your sustenance.

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