You’ll Lose Your Chic Over These Easy Halloween Door Decorations

All Hallows Eve may be a little more low-key this year, but one thing’s for sure: You can have an awesome entryway, even if you don't have the DIY skills to whip up a social-distancing-friendly candy slide. These Halloween door decorations will boost your spirits—and make for one heck of a ‘gram—but the best part? You don’t have to be a Martha Stewart-caliber crafter to tackle any of them. In fact, some are as simple as clicking “add to cart.” Consider it our treat to you.

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halloween door decor a beautiful mess

1. bring On The Zombie…flamingos?

Oversized, cartoony spiders and skeleton flamingos are a lighthearted take on the typical undead theme come Halloween. See how Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess sets a whimsically spooky vibe, then borrow some of her ideas to outfit your space.

2. line Your Walk With Graveside Lanterns

Trailing vines, ferns and the occasional skull set an otherworldly tone to your front door. But all of that means nothing if you're stumbling toward your front steps. Stay on theme with these vintage-inspired lampposts. Paired with a few faux crows (Amazon sells a six-pack for $18), the effect is haunting, not horrifying.

3. welcome Guests To Hogwarts

Just because your letter to Hogwarts never arrived doesn’t mean you can’t pretend that you’re a witch or wizard about to board the Hogwarts Express. Just flank this door sticker with a couple of pennants for your favorite house—and maybe a cage with a faux owl in it, if you’re feeling extra—and you’re good to go. (Pro tip: If you’re placing this decal on an exterior door, be sure to order the laminated sticker, so it can withstand rain and humidity.)

halloween door decorations andrei ianovskii unsplash
Andrei Ianovskii/Unsplash

4. add A Plethora Of Pumpkins

Bring the pumpkin patch to you. These can be a mix of real and faux pumpkins in varying sizes, and for the biggest impact, only decorate about a third of them. The carved and painted styles will draw your eye to the door without making the space look too cluttered and chaotic.

halloween door decor nightmare before christmas wreath

5. pay Homage To Your Favorite Not-so-scary Movie

Can you even call yourself a Nightmare Before Christmas fan if you don't recognize this wreath?

BUY IT ($40)

halloween door decorations skellington diy
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6. or Diy That Tribute

If you have a white door, you can easily recreate Jack Skellington’s smiling face by cutting his eyes, mouth and nostrils out of black construction paper and taping it to the door. Wait, your door’s green? Try Frankenstein.

7. try An Understated Monogram

You want to get into the spirit but you’re not all into skulls and cobwebs? We hear you. This wooden monogram door hanger adds a personal touch, and you can keep it up all fall long.

8. darken Your Door With A Lace Overlay

Cotton-y faux cobwebs aren’t for everyone. This black lace curtain is a less fussy—and more elegant—way to make an impact, fast (and without spending a ton). Look closely, and you’ll see bats, spiders and jack o’ lanterns hidden throughout the design. While the $8 version above just sold out, we're big fans of this similar style (linked below).

halloween door decor sugar cloth hero
Sugar & Cloth

9. skew Sweet Over Spooky

Sugar & Cloth’s Ashley Rose used fern wreaths and gauze to create an eerie-meets-ethereal entryway. The look is understated, yet the more you stare at it, the more fun surprises catch your eye (see the unicorn skeleton?!). Check out her full post here.

halloween door decorations hay
Sykadelx/Getty Images

10. hay Is For Horses–and Autumn Too

Hay bales and bundles of corn stalks will give your home a harvest vibe, even if you’re living in a brownstone in the middle of the city.

11. let Your Garage Door Make A Statement

Your garage door takes up more real estate, so if you really want to set a spooky vibe—and with minimal effort—hang up this mural. If you’re all, “spiders! Why does it have to be spiders?!” know that it doesn’t have to be: Wayfair sells pumpkin, mummy and zombie murals too.

12. set Things Off On The Right Foot

Set the tone right as you wipe those autumn leaves off your feet with a fun doormat. This nod to The Shining looks classy, yet it’ll still send shivers down people’s spines. To really kick things up a notch, you can add a “Here’s Johnny” decal to your wall, making it look like Jack Nicholson’s uh, just dropping by, and add a Room 237 door hanger.

halloween door decorations giant spider
Hanneke Luijting/Getty Images

13. stick A Spider On It

You’re all about that low-effort life, and Halloween is no exception. We feel you. A pair of mums are the perfect flower to flank your doorway to channel fall, and a giant spider plopped right on the door shows you tried. And that your exterminator’s got his work cut out for him.

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