Whether you waited until the last minute or you’re just not that into October 31, it’s always helpful to have a few costume ideas that can come together in a pinch. Here, 16 clever and, most importantly, easy to throw together choices.


“Hamilton” T-shirt + Red Wig + Cosmo

Recreating the SNL monologue is all on you, though.


Crown + White T-Shirt + The Letter “B”

Admit it: You still know the "Single Ladies" dance.


Eggo Waggles + Fake Blood + A Jean Jacket

To shave your head or not to shave your head...


Flower Crown + Phone + Duck Face (optional)

One hundred percent guaranteed to embarrass your niece.


Dog Ears + Stuck-Out Tongue + Phone

Ditto, just with variety.


Blue Vest + Yellow Name Tag + Captain America Shield

Fellow Superstore fans will get a kick out of this one.

cookie monster

Anything Leopard-Print or Fur + A Scary Mask

The most fabulous way to do Halloween.


Starbucks Cup + LBD + Platform Heels

Calling all '90s babies.

party animal

Animal Ears + Cocktail Dress

"I'm a mouse, duh."


Black clothes + Stamps

Classic puns never go out of style.

shark tank

Tank Top + Shark Drawing

Whether you're Barbara or Kevin, we'll leave up to you.

10 547x430

A “Free Adnan” Sign + A Box of Cereal

Never gets old.

key peele1

Normal Clothes + House Keys + An Orange

The very easiest costume on the list.

french laundry

Beret + Striped Shirt + Laundry Bin

Honestly, any excuse to wear a beret...


Toast + A Striped T-Shirt + A Beret

...however you envision it.

sat tudor

SAT Book + Frilly, Collared Shirt

Academics, this one's for you.

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