The 42 Best Punny Halloween Costumes in 2022 (We See You, Dad Joke Lovers)

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Punny Halloween costumes are are your jam if your friends have ever rolled their eyes at your dad jokes. Also, they're for you if you are you too lazy to buy a whole Halloween costume you’ll wear once just to toss in the back of your closet as soon as the night is over. Current events in 2022 actually inspire lots of clever costumes you can put together with (very) minimal effort. These aren't too slutty to go trick-or-treating with the kids, and aren't so uncomfortable that you can't nosh all the sweets and seasonal desserts or just curl up to watch a not-too-scary movie. Without further ado, here are some of the best pun costumes (most of which you can create from items you already own).

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1. Podcaster

What you need: Detergent pods and a fishing reel.

You’ll need to make sure some weisenheimer doesn’t try to eat your Tide Pod, which is so 2018, bro.

2. Spelling Bee

What you need: A bee costume and a dictionary.

Because online puzzles are the best, and Wordle just doesn’t make a cute costume.

3. Queen Bey

What you need: A white T-shirt, a crown and the letter ‘B’ somewhere on your person (we’d probably tape it to our shirt).

Optional: Blasting Break My Soul from your phone.

4. Cancel Culture

What you need: A Batgirl costume and a homemade cardboard “X.”

Pour one out for the almost-finished HBO Max Batgirl movie that was shelved.

5. Bad Bunny

What you need: Bunny ears and handcuffs.

Get ready to sing “Moscow Mule” when it streams.

6. Whispering Angel

What you need: White wings and a wine glass.

Remember to keep your glass full, as if you needed an excuse to keep the rosé flowing all night.

7. Green Party

What you need: A green t-shirt, a party hat and a noisemaker.

In case anyone asks, Howie Hawkins was the presidential candidate in 2020.

8. Acrobat

What you need: A bat costume and a yoga strap.

Finally! A worthy reason for stretching your leg over your head all those times during your studio workouts.

9. Amazon Prime

What you need: A Wonder Woman costume and a box with "2, 3, 5, 7, 11..." written on it (prime numbers, get it?)

Maybe making fun of your little home shopping problem is the way to gain some control over it?

10. nunchucks

What you need: A nun's costume and name tags (with "Chuck" written on them).

This solves the costume dilemma for both you and your bestie when you come as a pair of nunchucks.

11. The Cat’s Pajamas

What you need: Pajamas and cat ears.

Equal parts comfy and cute.

12. An Sat Tudor

What you need: An SAT prep book and a frilly, collared shirt.

Whether or not you walk around quizzing people on vocabulary and math equations is up to you.

13. French Kiss

What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and makeup inspired by the band Kiss.

When you’re a Francophile who’s also a metalhead.

14. Fantasy Football

What you need: A football jersey and a wizard hat.

Touchdown—and both the jocks and the nerds will both love this pun.

15. Dunkin’ Donuts

What you need: A T-shirt, a basketball and a doughnut.

This one would be a real hit in New England. Bonus: It’s caffeine-free.

16. Lin-manuel Miranda Hobbes

What you need: A ‘Hamilton’ T-shirt, a red wig and a Cosmopolitan.

The duo we never knew we needed. Honestly.

17. hawaiian Punch

What you need: A Hawaiian shirt and boxing gloves.

Option to have this turn into a whole beverage theme by having the Kool-Aid man accompany you.

18. A Cheesy Joke

What you need: A cheese costume and a kid's joke book.

Get ready to memorize an evening’s worth of knock-knock jokes stat.

19. Shark Tank

What you need: A tank top and a photo of a shark.

Are you a Barbara or a Daymond?

20. Party Animal

What you need: A cocktail dress and animal ears.

I’m a mouse…duh.

21. Anna Winter

What you need: A bob wig, big sunglasses and a parka.

Vogue meets arctic temps.

22. French Laundry

What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and a laundry basket.

Kudos to your foodie friends who can ID Thomas Keller’s iconic California restaurant.

23. French Toast

What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and a piece of toast.

For a lower-brow twist on the French food theme, just grab some bread and a striped tee.

24. A Gingerbread Person

What you need: A red wig and a loaf of bread.

Obviously skip the wig if you're a natural redhead...

25. Netflix And Chill

What you need: A red shirt, a printed out Netflix logo and a bag of ice.

Best of all, your drink will never get warm.

26. Babe Lincoln

What you need: A cocktail dress and a tall black hat.

You could go all out with a beard, but the dress and top hat should do the trick on their own.

27. When Life Gives You Lemons

What you need: A nametag that says 'Life,' and a basket of lemons.

Plus, you can slice up those lemons and use them in Halloween cocktails.

28. A Smart Cookie

What you need: Nerdy glasses and a box of cookies.

The best events are BYOS (bring your own snacks).

29. Maroon 5

What you need: Maroon clothing and a printed out letter 5.

Is this the height of laziness? Yes, and for that we salute you.

30. Tie-die

What you need: A tie and zombie makeup.

South out to zombies, a perennial Halloween favorite.

31. A Bear-ista

What you need: Animal ears and a Starbucks cup.

Rawr, one triple shot skinny vanilla latte, coming right up.

32. Copy Cat

What you need: A black T-shirt, cat ears and many photos of the same cat.

Bitch Cat stole my look.

33. Witch Doctor

What you need: A stethoscope and a witch hat.

Alternately, you could ditch the stethoscope in favor of scrubs.

34. A Chip On Your Shoulder

What you need: Any shirt with a potato chip taped to the shoulder.

Permission granted to have a bit of an attitude all day.

35. A Pig In A Blanket

What you need: A pink shirt, pig ears and your most comfortable blanket.

Classy hors d’oeuvres but make it Halloween.

36. A Spice Girl

What you need: Any dress and a few jars of your favorite spices.

Posh is so 1995; 2022 is all about turmeric.

37. Reigning Cats And Dogs

What you need: A crown and a stuffed animal.

You can also add a cape, to really hit the regal idea home.

38. Blackmail

What you need: Black clothes and stamps.

You’ve gotta keep fellow partygoers on their toes, you know?

39. It’s Raining Men

What you need: An umbrella with photos of famous guys taped to it.

If it happens to start raining on October 31, you’ve absolutely won the night.

40. a Formal Apology

What you need: An "I'm sorry" button and a fancy dress.

Because who can stay angry at someone who looks this good?

41. Bread Winner

What you need: A set of medals and a loaf of bread.

It's not about the Olympics, it's about keeping a roof over our heads.

42. Smartie Pants

What you need: Black pants, tape and Smarties candies.

The best part? You get to eat Smarties all night.

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