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Your Weekly Horoscopes: September 16 to 22

This is the week that Libra takes the crown from atop Virgo’s head. Libra season coincides with the autumnal equinox, which is no surprise, because it’s one of the most romantic times of the year. With the sun in Libra, we all need to weigh (like the scales!) the partnerships in our life—not just romantic attachments—and whether or not we’re really getting everything we want out of them. Don’t worry, no need to actually make decisions yet…just noodle on it...

5 Virgo  

This is the week to ask for a raise. Or, if you’re a freelancer, set higher prices. You’ve been hustling all summer, and now you’ve got some serious credibility. Do not be afraid of your own swagger! Virgos are not natural braggarts, but the marketplace will match the price you set. So aim high, because your stock is rising.

6 Libra  

It’s your season this weekend, Libra, and your natural charisma cannot be contained. Don’t even try. Go get that cannoli you’ve been craving all week, and if you’ve been thinking about “toasted coconut hair,” do it. Aesthetic risks are what Libra season is all about, and as a Libra, you have double cosmic probability that they will work out.

7 Scorpio  

You’ve been overextending yourself lately, running back and forth between cocktails and networking and your friend’s birthday like you’re Mrs. Doubtfire. Instead of filling your calendar this weekend, maybe try to take at least Sunday to sleep in, enjoy a leisurely eggs Benny and indulge in a movie or two (maybe Mrs. Doubtfire?).

8 Sagittarius  

Leave a little extra time for traffic the morning of the 18th, Sagittarius. You usually have good enough luck that you feel confident texting “almost there!” when you are certainly not almost there, but the delays this time might lead to arguments, especially if it’s for work. Practice the art of under-promising and over-delivering—like texting “literally 55 min away” when you’re only 45 minutes away. And Sag, don’t text while you’re driving.


You might be feeling more motivated than usual to get your career on track, and this is the week to start implementing the plans you’ve made all summer. Even if step one feels small and boring (like writing a cover letter, which is objectively the worst), get yourself to do it by thinking of your goals, which are big and fun.

10 Aquarius  

Don’t bother playing the “what do you want to eat?” game with your spouse on the 18th, because the indecision will pile up and suddenly you’re furious that sushi is on the way instead of ravioli. Preempt the at-home blues by going out somewhere with everything you both want.

11 Pisces  

When your friends try to peer pressure you into sticking around for a third drink, stay strong, Pisces. If your plan was to be in bed by 10 p.m., cozy in pajamas with your phone’s distracting blue light safely on nighttime mode, it will be worth it when you’ve got glowing cheeks and no need for coffee the next day.

12 Aries  

If you’re locked in an epic battle between chores and going out, this is the week to let the chores win (ugh, sorry). You are going to feel torn (especially around the 18th) between staying up late and vacuuming your place (because the dust bunnies are becoming dust cats at this point). Embrace the FOMO, because at the end of this, your home base will be its own destination.

1 Taurus  

You might feel ready to quit your job on the 18th (seriously, working past 10 p.m. was not part of the arrangement!), but maybe it’s just situational stress (you’re counting down the days until your work wife comes back from jury duty…). Don’t make any rash moves this week. Instead, take the weekend to decide. Be your own jury and carefully weigh the pros and cons of calling it quits.

2 Gemini  

This could be your cuffing season, Gemini! You might meet someone this weekend who is very worth getting cozy with, and it’s likely they will notice you, too. This isn’t the time to wallflower it up, so feel free to break out that outfit you save for special nights and treat this weekend like it could be that night (because it could).

3 Cancer  

You are officially sick of your boring, ecru-painted walls and the washed-out lighting and that cat-scratched armchair—we know you could go on. On the 21st, make the schlep to Home Depot for new paint and lights, and phone a friend to help you finally discard the tattered furniture (apologies to your cat for her loss, of course).

4 Leo  

Tension between your spouse and your ambitions? Avoid the 18th for any serious conversations about whether or not you’d like to relocate to Tokyo or take on a new project that takes you away from couples’ trivia night. You’ll both be in a better frame of mind by the weekend, and compromise won’t seem like a continent or two away.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can follow her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or her Twitter and Medium @alexkiki.