Toasted Coconut Hair Is This Season's Sassy Response to Basic Blonde Balayage

Fall 2018 is turning out to be one heck of a trendy season. From cold brew to flannel, hair color trends having been cropping up left and right with no shortage on style and creativity. Case in point, the newest cool-girl color that’s about to take over your Instagram feed. Introducing, toasted coconut.

If the cheeky name alone doesn’t pique your interest, the beautiful blend of colors will. Starting with a dark brunette base to add depth and dimension, Kayluh Stewart (the Atlanta-based stylist who created this look) strategically painted on a lighter shade to create a soft and natural blonde fade. She finished the ends with an icy-blonde toner to give the overall look an ashy yet autumnal feel.

This low-maintenance trend is perfect for any brunette who’s been wanting to go blonde. Your brown base will naturally anchor the look while allowing your roots to seamlessly grow out.

Find a stylist who knows her icy toners and honey, you are good to go (toasted, that is).