10 Millennial Dating Terms You Need to Know

What does "ghosted" mean anyway?


The year 2016 is weird, y’all: The Kardashians are American royalty, there’s going to be a selfie emoji and we’re ordering food from Facebook. And the dating world, of course, is no exception. Here, the new terms you need to know.

1. Ghosted 
Definition: The act of showing affection or leading someone on and then completely cutting off communication without any explanation.
Example: “We had plans for Friday night and then he ghosted me all week—just wouldn’t respond to my texts or calls. Guess we’re over.”

2. Swipe Left/Right
Definition: Denying (left) or accepting (right) someone; based on dating apps.
Example: “Did you see that dude’s man bun? I’d def swipe right.” 

3. Curved
Definition: The same thing as being ghosted, except the person may communicate that they are rejecting your advances.
Example: “The first date went well, but then he curved me and said he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship.”

4. Cuffing Season
Definition: Usually pertains to fall and winter, when single people decide the cold weather is motivation to find an S.O.
Example: “All I want to do is curl up under a blanket and drink hot cocoa with someone. Must be cuffing season.

5. Ship
Definition: A desire for two people to form a relationship, usually in reference to characters in a movie or TV show.
Example: “William and Dolores are so cute together in HBO’s Westworld. I’m shipping them so hard.”

6. DTR
Definition: Define the relationship.
Example: “He’s been acting weird lately. I may ask him to DTR to see if we’re on the same page.”

7. Talking
Definition: The intermediate stage of a relationship before a couple decides they are officially dating.
Example: “We’ve known each other for a year, but we’ve only been talking for two months.”

8. FBO
Definition: Short for “Facebook official,” meaning when a couple makes their relationship public.
Example: “They went on a ton of dates. Wonder when they’ll be FBO.”

9. Benching
Definition: Described by Jason Chen in New York magazine as when the person you’re seeing continues to text you, Snapchat you and like your Instagrams but doesn’t commit to meeting up in person.
Example: “Every time I ask to hang out, he says his phone died. I feel like he’s benching me.”

10. Thirsty
Definition: Wanting lots of attention or affection, usually in a negative way.
Example: “He keeps posting shirtless workout pics. Seems a little thirsty.” 

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