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Hey, girl. You're so hip. You know the best celebs to follow on Insta Stories and can correctly use "on fleek" in a sentence (but you shouldn’t because it’s already over). Here are a handful of new terms you may have heard your niece/little sister/cool coworker say, and what they actually mean. 

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1. Lit
Meaning: Fun, exciting
As in: This party is lit.

2. Savage
Meaning: Not caring about consequences
As in: Did you see when J. Lo texted Leo DiCaprio on Carpool Karaoke, and then read his response? Savage.

3. No chill
Meaning: Not calm
As in: When Simone Biles met Zac Efron, she had no chill.  

4. Curve
Meaning: To reject someone's advances
As in: “Wait, he doesn’t like Stranger Things? You should curve him.” 

5. Slide into the DM
Meaning: Direct message (specifically on Instagram)
As in: I didn't give him my number; he can slide into the DM if he really wants.

6. Put on blast
Meaning: To embarrass someone or be embarrassed
As in: Oooh, Ryan Lochte was put on blast last week.  

7. Dank
Meaning: Very good
As in: Those waffles at brunch were so dank.

8. Fire
Meaning: Extremely good
As in: Your waffles were dank, but my eggs Benny was fire.

9. High-key 
Meaning: Refers to a thought or opinion that needs attention
As in: I high-key believe Adele is the greatest singer of our generation.

10. Low-key
Meaning: Something casual or secret in nature
As in: I low-key still listen to Backstreet Boys on the reg.

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