You’ve got Internet acronyms on lock. But you still have no clue what the average teenager is talking about. (“On fleek” means what now?) Herewith, PureWow’s guide to the nonsensical tech-speak of today’s youths.

what does on fleek mean hero

1. Turnt 
Meaning: Excessively hyped or excited
As in: Julia brought rosé; book club’s about to get turnt.  

2. Squad 
Meaning: Your crew/posse
As in: About to meet the squad for dinner. 

3. Goals 
Meaning: Something you aspire to
As in: Olivia Palermo’s style is goals, man. 

4. Fam 
Meaning: Group of friends. See also: squad
As in: What’s up, fam?  

5. Slay
Meaning: Something is awesome
As in: You are slaying in that new sweater, my friend. 

6. On fleek
Meaning: On point
As in: Business casual on fleek.

7. Cray
Meaning: You’re too tired to type a ‘z’
As in: That presidential debate was cray, no? 

8. Ghosting
Meaning: Ending a relationship by simply ignoring the other person entirely
As in: LOL @ Charlize Theron ghosting Sean Penn.  

9. Yasss
Meaning: A more enthusiastic “yes,” often followed by "queen" (alternately: "kween"). Add a’s and s’s as you see fit. 
As in: Vacation in three days—yaaaassssss! 

10. Dead 
Meaning: Awesome. And not actually dead. 
As in: OMG those s’mores bars? Dead. 

11. Bye, Felicia 
Meaning: A way to dismiss someone. Originally from the 1995 Ice Cube movie Friday
As in: You’re not coming to my birthday party that you RSVP’d yes to? Bye, Felicia. 

12. Swerve 
Meaning: Another way to dismiss someone
As in: I don’t have time to hear about your brother-in-law’s start-up that needs funding. Swerve. 

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