Your Weekly Horoscopes: November 7 to 13, 2021

Tensions that have been building all month peak on the 10th when aggressive Mars squares off with slow and steady Saturn. But don’t take this as an excuse to hide under the covers until the worst is over. The only way out of this pressure cooker is to strategize. With Mercury also in the crosshairs of this difficult aspect, our words are sharp and our feelings might get hurt. Luckily, the sun connects with space-cadet Neptune on the 12th (in a dreamy aspect found in the chart of the ethereal Isabella Rossellini) letting us smooth things over as we forge ahead against the odds.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

Things have been less than ideal in the space where you work (the office, home, the study carrel), and the pressure has been on you to build morale. But what if you don’t want to play the mediator anymore? You have some legitimate qualms with the way things are being run, whether that’s in your department, your refrigerator or your project group. Things won’t change until you name what’s wrong. It is a good time to air these frustrations. Your thoughts will catch fire and gain traction.

This week’s mantra: Speak your mind.

1 taurus

This has been a year filled with career wins for you, Taurus. But still, you’re trapped in a cycle of compare and despair: scrolling Instagram and wishing you could be as cool and carefree as your #1 frenemy. Your frustration peaks on the 10th when you get another painful glimpse of her “success.” What if you transformed that jealousy into an alliance? Reaching out to an unlikely ally for support is nerve-wracking but ultimately productive.

This week’s mantra: If you can’t beat them, join them.

2 gemini

As much as you generally love “the details,” this week’s challenging aspects leave you feeling like you’re caught in a bottomless pit of administrative despair. You can’t go abroad without renewing your passport, and you can’t get another degree without doing all the reading. Though you’d usually spend your time trying to sweet talk your way out of tedious assignments, this week you shock everyone by submitting to the work.

This week’s mantra: The only way out is through.

3 cancer

This week’s Mars-Saturn square leaves you feeling like you have to compromise your self-expression for everyone else’s happiness. But what are you pining for? If you want to experiment more in bed or open up your relationship, you have to say it. Your partner isn’t a mind reader. Though admitting your desires is only the first step, it’s a major one toward more satisfaction.

This week’s mantra: Give in to the cravings.

4 leo

Disruptions at home have become the perfect excuse to avoid dealing with some major relationship problems. But this week, everything comes to a head as Mars squares off with Saturn on the 10th. Harsh words are uttered and tears might flow. You and your partner must accept that it’s time to take a break, restructure your business or go to couples’ therapy. Changes need to occur on a foundational level before you can move on.

This week’s mantra: Look the problem in the eye.

5 virgo

If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s poor communication. And this week, your inbox is filled with ambivalence and mixed messages. By the 10th, if you want a response, you have no choice but to be aggressive. You must choose violence, as the kids say. But what if the issue actually stems from your own lack of clarity? How can you ask the hard questions to get the answers you need?

This week’s mantra: If you can’t find the problem, it might be you.

6 libra

Undervaluing yourself has consequences. You learn this lesson the hard way when Mars squares off with Saturn on the 10th. That freelance project you poured your heart and soul into doesn’t feel like a win when your invoice is paid and it’s barely enough to cover your basic expenses. Get creative with how you’re selling your skills. People need your expertise.

This week’s mantra: “I’m all of this and more!”

7 scorpio

You’re not the person who your family expected you to become. That’s OK. But as Mars squares off with Saturn on the 10th exactly how different you are from the rest of your family becomes painfully clear. You can no longer avoid the tough questions about your job, relationship or living situation. Be honest. Your integrity strengthens your bond with those who are willing to accept you no matter what.

This week’s mantra: “Take me, baby, or leave me.”

8 sagittarius

As much as you like to have the last word, you can’t control the outcome of every situation. This becomes clear on the 10th when a conflict with a close friend makes you realize that she’s not ready to hear the truth. You can’t force her to choose between you and her boyfriend, even if he is being an asshole, so as painful as it is, it’s time to walk away. In time, she might see your side of the story.

This week’s mantra: Let go.


Staying in your social comfort zone is doing you a major disservice, Capricorn. This is the week to take a risk, put yourself out there and meet new people. Though it’s intimidating to go to a party where you only know one person, you might meet someone there who holds the key to a life changing opportunity. You can say “no” and everything stays the same or you can say “yes” and watch what happens.

This week’s mantra: No risk, no reward.

10 aquarius

Challenges at work push you out of complacency this week, Aquarius. Though you’re usually the steady voice of reason, as Mars squares off with Saturn on the 10th, you’re the one who’s causing a scene. Whether you’re advocating for higher pay, more benefits or a total shift in your company’s core values, air your frustrations so improvements can be made. Now’s not the time to avoid getting messy. Your courage to speak up inspires others to get on their own soapbox.

This week’s mantra: Change is a battlefield.

11 pisces

You’ve spent so much time in isolation this year, treading the fine line between being alone and being lonely. As Mars squares off with Saturn on the 10th, you get some interesting advice from a wise friend or mentor about how you can get back to a more vibrant social life. You’re not the same person you were before so why would you go to the same old parties? Grieve what you have to let go so you can embrace what comes next.

This week’s mantra: Why take the obvious path?

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.

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