Your Monthly Horoscopes: November 2021

There’s no cute way to say it: November’s astrological forecast is messy and hectic. On the bright side, November provides an opportunity to get our hands dirty, wrestle with life’s big questions and come out with a working plan to get it done. The only way out is through the dirt, right?

It all begins with an explosive new moon in Scorpio on the 4th. New moons are fresh starts, and this one forms an exact opposition to Uranus—planet of genius insight and unexpected change. Then on the 5th, communication planet Mercury (finally out of its post-retrograde shadow and exploring new territory) moves into secretive Scorpio while Venus shifts into dutiful earth sign Capricorn. Due to an upcoming retrograde, Venus remains in Capricorn through March 2022, giving us extra time to get our sh*t together.

As much as we want to move forward, a series of challenging aspects between the 10th and the 17th make it so we can’t rush ahead. Unexpected roadblocks allow us to test the integrity of our plan. Then on the 19th, a lunar eclipse in Taurus shakes things up or asks us to start over again.

Sagittarius season begins on the 21st and Mercury enters the archer’s sign on the 24th. Happy Birthday to our gritty, adventurous Sags (especially to Britney Spears who’s in the midst of her own battle to break free). Though things aren’t as tense in the final third of the month, we’re officially in eclipse season (the next eclipse is on December 4th) where time speeds up and we’re more sensitive than usual to the hands of fate.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

12 aries

November asks you to make some hard decisions. Is this business venture, this collaboration, or this relationship really what you need? Or is it just giving you the resources that you want? Money is great, but what about your happiness? That said, be careful not to throw away all you’ve worked on in frustration on the 10th when you feel particularly trapped between a rock and a hard place. Focus on networking with friends and collaborators who keep you off the path of least resistance.

Love Horoscope: If power struggles are one of your kinks, then Scorpio season is going to be super sexy. Otherwise, the romance might be lacking until the 21st when Sagittarius season brings out your flirty, adventurous side. Skip the big family holiday plans on the 25th and take a quick getaway with your lover instead.

Money Horoscope: If your plan is to earn more, now’s your opportunity. Prioritize making smart investments and cutting down your budget at the new moon on the 4th. By the lunar eclipse on the 19th, you’re ready to ask for a raise at work so you can walk away from the side hustle that’s draining all your energy.

1 taurus

You’re a different person than you were before. These changes are becoming obvious this month, deeply affecting your career and close relationships. How does your new life mesh with your old habits? Do you even want to fit in anymore? All these questions come to a head around the 10th and by the end of the month, you have clarity about who’s coming along for the ride. Meanwhile, Venus—your ruling planet—moves into the part of your chart that governs travel, higher learning, and legacy for the next few months, giving you a boost of confidence toward achieving your long-term goals.

Love Horoscope: With Mars—the planet of separation—travelling through your relationship sector, this month’s breakup with your on-again off-again lover is the final uncoupling. You’re giving way too much energy to a partnership that isn’t giving you anything in return. The lunar eclipse on the 19th brings some tough love that revitalizes your spirit, reminding you to prioritize yourself.

Money Horoscope: Whether you’re combining assets with a business partner or splitting up belongings with your ex, shared resources are a focal point this month. Mercury meets the sun on the 28th, bringing an aha moment regarding the ways in which someone is taking advantage of your generosity.

2 gemini

November’s gridlock makes your daily grind more hectic and higher stakes than usual. But is it external or are you the one putting all the pressure on yourself? Tensions peak on the 10th, and if you’re not putting some of your excess energy into working out or other forms of self-care, burn out is a definite. Be open to shifts in routine that are out of your control. You finally get a break at the lunar eclipse on the 19th which falls in your unconscious sector. Take the hint and step away.

Love Horoscope: Scorpio season brings all work and no play, but once the sun moves into Sagittarius on the 21st, lighting up your relationship sector, you’re swept up in what feels like a fated love connection. Whether this partnership sticks will be clearer after the solar eclipse on December 4th, but there’s a sweetness to it, even if it’s only for now.

Money Horoscope: Love and money planet Venus enters your shared resources sector on the 5th, where it remains until March. For the next few months, you’re going to be paying down debts, refinancing loans and seeking new forms of support. Encouragement from a colleague on the 6th stokes your confidence in this journey toward financial health.

3 cancer

November has you grappling with your workaholic tendencies. If you could just finish one more project, unlock your next career goal and defeat your imposter syndrome once and for all then you’d be happy. Or so you think. But what you really need is a night on the couch with a glass of wine and your latest messy knitting project. Remember this when your ambitions lead to burnout around the 10th. Lie on the floor and listen to your favorite album from start to finish. Staying present is its own form of success.

Love Horoscope: With aggressive Mars in your romance sector all month, a fling is getting hot and heavy. But as Mars clashes with dutiful Saturn on the 10th and unexpected Uranus on the 17th, you can’t keep the relationship casual. Hookups are interrupted by “what are we?” talks. Maybe it’s time to go back to your reliable, no-strings-attached FWB.

Money Horoscope: Sagittarius season (from the 21st) highlights your daily grind sector; your schedule is up in the air as your responsibilities shift. As you put the pieces back together and build a daily plan that won’t lead to burnout, you realize that with more energy comes more security. Give yourself more time for the things you love.

4 leo

Though you want everything to be solved through external efforts, it’s the internal work that matters most this month. With the sun in Scorpio and your home sector through the 21st, you’re going back to therapy, going deep into some personal shadow work or simply taking more naps. Clashes with your business or romantic partner around the 10th derail some of your personal growth. As much as you want to halt everything to make sure your relationship is on good terms, this issue might be more about them than it is about you. Escaping into someone else’s mess isn’t your solution.

Love Horoscope: The sun’s shift into Sagittarius on the 21st renews your romantic spirit. If you’re single, get ready for some dating escapades this holiday season. Why not bring a fling home for Thanksgiving? If you’re in a relationship, Sagittarius season lightens the mood between you two and brings a chaotic but sexy vibe.

Money Horoscope: The lunar eclipse on the 19th brings an exciting shakeup to your career. Making money through your own efforts suddenly seems much more attainable. Why take the easy route to success when you could go your own way?

5 virgo

You usually rely on your way with words and your technical prowess to charm your way out of a difficult situation. But this month, particularly around the 10th, you’re met with nothing but glitches and communication breakdowns. Instead of getting caught up in the frustration of trying to make everything perfect, let your actions speak for themselves. Effort matters even when things don’t go as planned. While you’re struggling to articulate your ideas to everyone else, brilliance is brewing behind the scenes. There’s power in keeping your thoughts to yourself.

Love Horoscope: Venus enters your romance sector on the 5th and due to the love planet’s upcoming retrograde remains there until March 2022. This is just the opening act for the next several months of exes coming out of the woodwork and forgotten desires being ignited. Use this as an opportunity to face your intimacy issues head on.

Money Horoscope: The lunar eclipse on the 19th brings you some unexpected praise at work that results in greater visibility. Everyone wants to be on your team! Though you’re still having trouble articulating the full scope of your goals, take note of who’s approaching you and follow up later.

6 libra

Unfortunately, you can no longer run away from your finances. Time to look your bank account balance straight in the eye and start asking for the money you deserve. If you’re an artist or creative, now’s the time to consider what you need for your personal projects to thrive. Stress builds around the 10th when a pitch to investors or a meeting with your boss about a life-changing promotion has you on edge. Luckily Venus’ shift into your home sector (from the 5th) keeps you grounded and in touch with what you need on a foundational level. If failure wasn’t an option, what would you pursue?

Love Horoscope: If you’re in a relationship, conflict over your joint finances is a major buzzkill to any romantic vibes, particularly on the 17th. If you’re single, Sagittarius season (from the 21st) brings more opportunities to circulate. Your next partner might be hiding in plain sight.

Money Horoscope: Both of this month’s lunations light up your money sectors. Use the new moon on the 4th as an opportunity to acknowledge your recent financial mistakes and budgeting errors. Then the lunar eclipse on the 19th allows you to take risks when seeking alternative income streams and support. Why not start the process of going freelance, launching a subscription newsletter or opening an Etsy store?

7 scorpio

November requires all of us to go deep or go home, and if anyone is up to that challenge, it’s you. The new moon on the 4th is in your sign but it feels less like a birthday party and more like an existential crisis. You’re realizing how much of yourself you’ve lost in pursuit of a relationship or work commitment that isn’t actually the right fit. It’s painful to let go but closing this door opens you up to so many options. By the lunar eclipse on the 19th, you have plenty of suitors (both business and romantic) vying for your attention. Still, there’s no need to settle down yet.

Love Horoscope: Love planet Venus enters your communication sector on the 5th where it will remain until March 2022. How you communicate with your lovers and how you talk about love in general is an ongoing theme for the next few months. When in doubt, write it all out—in a journal, not just your group texts!

Money Horoscope: With Mercury, planet of commerce, in your sign through the 24th, you have the chance to take control of some embarrassing skeletons in your financial closet. Time to tackle your 2017 taxes and those unpaid invoices that have been following you around since your last messy breakup (...five years ago).

8 sagittarius

Scorpio season is always an isolating time for you. This year though, you can’t enjoy the peace of a solo retreat without getting pulled back into sibling drama or coworker pettiness. Things escalate on the 10th when you finally get away for a day, only to turn your phone back on in the evening to dozens of missed calls and panicked texts. Relief can be found in exploring new fitness or self-care routines or just a daily nature walk through the neighborhood. Once your season begins on the 21st, things are still hectic, but you at least feel more grounded.

Love Horoscope: With Mercury in secretive Scorpio from the 5th through the 24th, your communication with your lover is off, like you can’t hear each other even if you’re in the same room. This is definitely a month where you need to lean into the love language of physical touch. If you can’t say it, just cuddle.

Money Horoscope: Watch your money like a hawk this month. You might be spending more than you realize on retail therapy, fancy cocktails and other forms of self-medication, especially between the 10th and the 17th when stress is coming at you from all directions.


Whether you’re immersed in a creative project or easing into the flow of motherhood, you’re feeling very left out of the group chat this month. Everyone’s discussing the latest season of Great British Bake Off without you. It’s not that you don’t love how you’re spending your time—and let’s be real, you could use a Netflix detox. But after a stressful week reaches a peak on the 10th and no one responds to your happy hour invite, you wonder if you even have any friends. Luckily, the lunar eclipse on the 19th brings yet another wave of creative inspiration to keep you occupied.

Love Horoscope: The lunar eclipse on the 19th falls in your romance sector. It’s time to explore some of your sexual fantasies. Open up about your kinks! Experiment with bringing a third into the bedroom! Order some sex toys you’ve been dying to try! Why not prioritize play?

Money Horoscope: Frugality is your M.O. this year. It’s not that your friends didn’t want to invite you to that group dinner, they just figured you wouldn’t want to spend the money. Your thrifty eye saves the day on the 10th though when you find a cheap Airbnb alternative for that holiday wedding.

10 aquarius

As your community faces relentless change this year, you’ve proven yourself to be an intrepid leader, someone who can live by example and inspire everyone else with your ambitions. The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th plants the seeds of a career opportunity that could uproot you and completely change your relationship to home, family and your surroundings. The plot is still developing, so take your time and consider all options before jumping into your next role. Especially because the lunar eclipse on the 19th opens even more opportunities for expanding your world.

Love Horoscope: If you started seeing someone new this year, November is when you finally make your public debut as a couple. Sagittarius season (from the 21st) finds you bringing home your boo for the holidays. You’re camera shy, but indulge all the photo ops. These are precious memories.

Money Horoscope: With fast-thinking Mercury traveling through your career sector from the 5th through the 24th, you’re getting all kinds of fresh ideas for side hustles and passive income streams this month. Do less and earn more is your constant mantra. Focus on options that won’t distract from your larger goals.

11 pisces

Your usual ability to go with the flow becomes a superpower this month as absolutely nothing works out according to plan. The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th puts you in touch with a former professor or mentor whose wise words have you reconsidering your entire career trajectory. Should you go back to school, take on that apprenticeship or start in a new field from scratch? You don’t have to figure it out now, but you might feel like you do as tensions rise around you on the 10th. By Sagittarius season (from the 21st), the path ahead is clearer but may require you to give up on a former dream.

Love Horoscope: Like you, your partner is immersed in work this month and it’s probably best if you both stay in your own lane. A lovely but fleeting moment to be each other’s cheerleader arrives on the 20th when Mercury squares off with Jupiter. This aspect inspires you to be extra affectionate and effusive. Spread the love.

Money Horoscope: Sagittarius season (from the 21st) brings a major ending which is also a beginning for your career. Any extra cash you have this month should go toward continuing education—whether that’s tax advice for freelancers or a course to brush up on your coding skills—for your next steps.

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