Are you a dog person or a cat person? According to a 2010 study at the University of Texas, dog people are more “social and outgoing” while cat people tend to be more “creative, philosophical or nontraditional.” Nontraditional seems to be the word that’s caught on the most for a cat person. We’ve all invoked the derogatory trope of the cat lady. Rarely do dog people get such flak for loving their furry friends (or living with…twelve of them).

What you may not know about dogs and cats though is that astrologically—dating back centuries—these animals are signified by different planets. Dogs are signified by Mars while cats are signified by Saturn. Mars and Saturn are the two “malefic” planets: the tough guys who aren’t afraid to say “No.” Though it seems a bit odd that the significations for animals who cuddle up with us and provide emotional support would be so harsh, it’s important to remember that dogs and cats first became human companions as hunters.

Dogs and cats have since become domesticated, but their instincts still have the feistiness of Mars (dogs) and the restrictions of Saturn (cats). After all, don’t pets teach us about ourselves through providing some natural limits like going on walks, mealtimes and just general constant maintenance? Don’t pets give us unconditional love in return for our acknowledgment of their boundaries? Here’s our definitive list of the signs that are definitely dog people and the others who are absolutely cat people. Some might surprise you…

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3 Signs That Are Dog People

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Ultimate Dog People: Aries & Scorpio

Dogs are ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is the fiery planet, the action planet and the hit-the-ground running planet. Aren’t dogs just filled with that Marsian joie de vivre? Many dogs are athletes, and living with a pup is like being a trainer sometimes. Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars and are the two signs who are most equipped to keep up with a dog’s seemingly unlimited energy. Dogs match the energy of an Aries and help Scorpios raise their stamina. Aries are the kind of dog owners who take their pups on hikes, teach them to swim and make daily dog park visits a priority. Scorpios are more introverted and love the way that dogs create a safe and totally separate world for them. You might know a Scorpio who’s a quiet, contemplative and broody guy, but when he’s with his dog, he’s an adventurous, talkative, nature lover, throwing frisbees and hitting the trails.

Honorary Dog People: Gemini

Like Aries, Geminis have a lot of excess energy that they need to burn. And who better to burn it with than a lovable pup who just wants to play catch all day? The sixth house in a birth chart primarily deals with our daily grind, work habits and disease prevention but also tells us what kind of pet owner we are. Pets require constant attention and maintenance after all. Gemini’s sixth house is Scorpio, which tells us that they prefer to create a separate and distinct world for their daily care. Though Geminis are social creatures, nothing refreshes them more than a day to themselves, running on the beach with their pup.

3 Signs That Are Cat People

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Ultimate Cat People: Pisces

Pisces are often thought of as the chillest sign of the zodiac. So of course Pisces prefer pets who are low maintenance. But the Piscean affinity for cats goes deeper than just a clichéd laziness. Pisces’s sixth house of daily maintenance is Leo, so it makes sense they want to be surrounded by little lions in their everyday life. Pisces, like cats, take a lot of pride in their personal upkeep and spend a lot of extra time (and money) on self-care. Pisces cat owners are the type who feed their kittens the bougiest wet foods, spend hours every day brushing their fur and have multiple Pinterest boards filled with designer cat condos and towers. The Egyptians worshipped their cats and as far as Pisces are concerned, so should we.

Honorary Cat People: Capricorn & Aquarius

Capricorn and Aquarius—like cats—are ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of restrictions, limits and responsibilities. If you’re not living up to your full potential, Saturn—like all of the best cats—will totally throw you the side eye. Capricorn is associated with the more earthy side of Saturn—the long-lasting structures we build to contain the mess of our lives. Cats don’t give up their affections easily, and usually we have to prove our worth before they cuddle up to us while we’re watching TV. Capricorns are totally down for this kind of long game of winning over their pet’s affection. Aquarius, on the other hand, represents the air (or social) side of Saturn. Aquarians, like cats, are free thinkers who often charm their furry friends through silly games and frank conversation. Aquarians don’t smother cats with love but treat them like they would any other friend.

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