3 Zodiac Signs That Are Dog People Through and Through

If you’re a dog person, you know that dogs are much more than pets, they’re our best friends, and also our children. Which is why it’s no surprise that, according to a 2010 study at the University of Texas, dog lovers tend to be much more “social and outgoing” when compared to cat people.

What you may not know about your dog friends though is that astrologically—dating back centuries—dogs are signified by the planet Mars. Mars is the planet of action and aggression, one of the tough guy planets that isn’t afraid to say no. Though it might seem a bit odd that our adorable pups who cuddle up with us at night and provide emotional support through difficult days are signified by the planet of war, it’s important to remember that dogs first became human companions as hunters.

Dogs have obviously since become domesticated but they still contain all those feisty, Marsian impulses. In astrology, the malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) teach us about ourselves through enforcing boundaries and dogs provide plenty of limits between taking walks, preparing meals and the dirty business of scooping their poop. Even when things get messy though, how could we ever stop loving them? Here’s our definitive list of the signs that are dog lovers through and through.

3 Signs That Are Dog People

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As we mentioned above, dogs are ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is the fiery planet, the action planet and the hit-the-ground running planet. That being said, many dogs are athletes, and living with a pup is like being a trainer sometimes. Aries are also ruled by Mars and more than any other sign, Aries is most equipped to keep up with a dog’s seemingly unlimited energy. Aries are the kind of dog owners who take their pups on hikes, teach them to swim and make daily dog park visits a priority. Leave it to Aries to turn a simple game of catch into an Olympic-level competition. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s keeping up with who!

Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious. But the truth is, they’re just selective about who they open up to. That being said, who’s more trustworthy than a pup? Ruled by the water (emotional) side of Mars, Scorpios crave intimacy and seclusion. More introverted than Aries, Scorpios love the way that dogs create a safe world of unconditional love for them to inhabit. You might know a Scorpio who’s usually quiet, contemplative and broody. But when he’s with his dog, he’s an adventurous, talkative, nature lover: throwing frisbees and hitting the trails. Dogs let Scorpios relax and show their softer side.

Like Aries, Geminis have a lot of excess energy that they need to burn. And who better to burn it with than a lovable pup who just wants to play catch all day? The sixth house in a birth chart primarily deals with our daily grind, work habits and disease prevention but also tells us what kind of pet owner we are. Pets require constant attention and maintenance after all. Gemini’s sixth house is Scorpio, which tells us that they prefer to create a separate and distinct world for their daily care. Though Geminis are social creatures, nothing refreshes them more than a day to themselves, running on the beach with their dog.



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