Your Weekly Horoscopes: April 11 to 17, 2021

This week kicks off with a new moon in bold, effusive Aries on the 11th. New moons are for setting intentions and with this one, it’s OK to ignore everyone’s advice and make the selfish choice. Let’s just try to take a balanced approach because with Venus, Mercury and the sun all squaring off with powerful Pluto throughout the week, things can easily take a turn toward the obsessive. Comfort and quality are also on our minds as Venus moves into luxurious Taurus on the 14th. We might as well spritz some expensive perfume, get under our weighted (summer) blankets and channel queen of cozy style, Ariana Grande (who was born with Venus in Taurus), while we work.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

Think of the new moon on the 11th as a personal new year: a day to clear your head and relax your body. Have you been considering going back to acupuncture now that you’re fully vaccinated? Maybe it’s time to finally go out and get all the ingredients to whip up that Reese Witherspoon smoothie for glowing skin. Treat yourself and save your energy early in the week because by the 17th (as your ruling planet Mars connects with abundant Jupiter), you’re ready to move ahead on a huge project.

This week’s mantra: Your body is a temple.

1 taurus

This month has left you feeling disconnected and out of the loop. The novelty of seclusion is wearing off and you’re starting to regret the solo beach retreat you booked to get out of the city. Though you’re feeling lonely, the new moon on the 11th falls in your unconscious sector and could be your last chance for quite some time to truly do nothing. Things start picking up again as soon as Venus glides into your sign on the 14th and you can’t go anywhere without being noticed. Soak up the quiet while you can.

This week’s mantra: Don’t waste the empty space.

2 gemini

This week’s new moon on the 11th falls in your friendship sector. Life is slowly getting back to normal, and you’re ready to revitalize your social life. You’re even inspired to head to the farmer’s market in the park and chat up a few of the local vendors. It’s exhilarating just to be around people again (and all those fresh herbs have you intoxicated!) By the time you leave, you’ve not only acquired some amazing seasonal produce, but you’ve also volunteered to run a weekly composting initiative. Now’s the time to participate!

This week’s mantra: One foot in front of the other.

3 cancer

The new moon in Aries on the 11th has you considering a shift in your career. Accomplishment and recognition have been on your mind for the last month and whether you’re feeling appreciated at your current position or not, you sense that something needs to change. Schedule a meeting with a career counselor or a trusted mentor to discuss your big ideas and what moves you can make. As Mars connects with Jupiter on the 17th, an unforeseen opportunity for financial support may present itself.

This week’s mantra: Change is the only constant.

4 leo

The new moon on the 11th has you thinking about long term plans. It has never been clearer that getting to where you want is a marathon not a sprint. An inspiring chat with a coworker or friend on the 13th also makes you realize that you’re more productive when you honor your passions. Work from home feels way less daunting when you carve out an hour to read on the couch or practice guitar in the afternoon. Reworking your daily schedule is an important step to realizing your larger visions.

This week’s mantra: Tend to your passions.

5 virgo

The new moon in Aries on the 11th falls in your shared resources sector. For months, you and your partner have been trying to merge your funds in a way that makes sense for both of you. Maybe you’re currently earning more money, but does that mean you should be covering all the monthly expenses? Does it make more sense to split the bills and invest for your future? A meeting with a financial planner on the 17th totally shifts your view on how money works.

This week’s mantra: Spending less doesn’t mean saving more.

6 libra

What do you really want in a partner? After a long dry spell, you’ve been tiptoeing back into the dating scene this year, and you’ve been on enough bad dates (and also enough amazing ones!) to discern what does and doesn’t make you feel good. This week’s new moon on the 11th however is about commitment. You want something that’s going to last, so say yes to something that works and a resounding “hell no!” to something that doesn’t and never will.

This week’s mantra: Commitment is a choice.

7 scorpio

After years of begging, your kids have finally worn you down. That’s right: You’re getting a dog! This week’s new moon on the 11th falls in your daily grind sector and what’s worth a ton of maintenance more than a furry friend? Sure, your schedule needs a complete overhaul and your monthly budget needs reworking to afford all those plush toys for Cocoa—that’s your kid’s top name choice for the puppy—to eventually destroy. But what’s not to love about all that puppy energy and unconditional love?

This week’s mantra: Some responsibilities are sweeter than others.

8 sagittarius

You’ve discussed the prospect of having kids with your partner before. Part of you thought pandemic boredom would make pregnancy inevitable. But here you are, about to get vaccinated and still able to have a drink of bourbon if you please. The new moon on the 11th falls in your house of romance, creativity and children. So, if you’ve got nothing but a baby on the brain, it’s time to light some candles, set the mood and continue the conversation.

This week’s mantra: It won’t happen if you don’t make it happen.


This week’s new moon on the 11th is in your home sector and has you considering packing up your life in the city and moving somewhere quieter. Every moment you aren’t working, you’re browsing Zillow for three-bedroom houses in your hometown with two-acre yards and large soaking tubs. The pandemic has taught you how much you value space and quiet so maybe it’s time to get a little bit more of that in your everyday life.

This week’s mantra: Your oasis is waiting.

10 aquarius

For all of Aries season, you’ve been in constant contact with your closest friends, your sister and all your coworkers. But a call from an acquaintance about an ex-coworker’s sister’s COVID wedding of questionable morals finally maxes out your chattiness quota this week. The new moon on the 11th is the perfect opportunity to set boundaries for who gets your attention and when. Just because you enjoy people (and gossip!) doesn’t mean you need to overwhelm yourself with everyone’s opinions.

This week’s mantra: Take back your time.

11 pisces

This week’s new moon in Aries on the 11th falls in your money sector. You’ve spent much of the last month working hard and trying to save money for an upcoming life change whether that’s going back to school or buying a house. But this new moon wants you to forget about your budget for a day and treat yourself. If you don’t have a rainy-day fund—aka money you set aside just to blow, no questions asked—start it now.

This week’s mantra: Live is for living and money is for spending.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...