25 Fluffy Dog Breeds I've Loved—and You Will Too

Floofy pooches in small, medium and large sizes

Fluffy dog breeds: Golden retriever, Pomeranian and Bernese Mountain dogs
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What's not to love about a fluffy dog? (Well, the brushing, washing and keeping them cool, but besides that?) I've owned several types of doodle dogs and terrier mixes and I can't keep my hands off my friend's bichon frisé...I just love cuddling with a dog whose soft hair or fur tickles my cheeks. Also, I appreciate the ooohs and aahs that greet these status handbag dogs.

With that in mind, here's my list of 25 fluffy dog breeds you may want to add as a new family member or consider adopting as a rescue dog. And don't worry, busy person: Just because a dog is extra fluffy doesn’t mean they’ll shed more. Some of the most luxurious, labor-intensive looking coats are relatively hassle-free and hypoallergenic!

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Small Dogs

fluffy dog breeds american eskimo dog
Ryan Jello/Getty Images

1. American Eskimo Dog

  • Average Height: 10 inches (toy), 13 inches (miniature), 17 inches (standard)
  • Average Weight: 8 pounds (toy), 15 pounds (miniature), 30 pounds (standard)
  • Temperament: Lively
  • Shedding Factor: Frequent

Here's a canine with a double coat to protect them from the cold! The American Eskimo dog comes in three sizes and is truly a puffball of fur. They shed a lot and need plenty of brushing to keep their coat healthy. Get ready for loads of playtime with these sprightly pups!

fluffy dog breeds bichon frise
Flux Factory/Getty Images

2. Bichon Frise

  • Average Height: 10 inches
  • Average Weight: 15 pounds
  • Temperament: Animated
  • Shedding Factor: Rarely, Hypoallergenic

These tiny goofballs are like small snowmen ready to frolic wherever the two of you may go. Most notably, the Bichon Frise’s head is covered in a comical sphere of fluffy fur; their bodies are also soft and plush and perfect for snuggling.

fluffy dog breeds bolognese
Sssss1gmel/Getty Images

3. Bolognese

  • Average Height: 11 inches
  • Average Weight: 7 pounds
  • Temperament: Shy
  • Shedding Factor: Non-shedding

Similar to the Bichon Frise, the Bolognese is a small, white, fluffy-coated companion. Unlike the Bichon Frise, the Bolognese is pretty calm, shy around strangers and gets grumpy if left alone for long stretches of time. Many owners trim their Bolognese’s coat for easier maintenance, but if you want to let it fly free, regular trips to the groomer’s might be in order to keep it clean and trim around the face.

fluffy dog breeds german spitz
Marius Faust/Getty Images

4. German Spitz

  • Average Height: 13 inches
  • Average Weight: 25 pounds
  • Temperament: Whimsical
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Twice a year, this tiny ball of fluff will shed like you’ve never seen before, and then it will stop completely (until next time). The German Spitz has a double coat and one of the happiest faces in the animal kingdom. Alert and feisty, they make great, albeit miniature, watchdogs.

fluffy dog breeds havanese
Hans Surfer/Getty Images

5. Havanese

  • Average Height: 10 inches
  • Average Weight: 10 pounds
  • Temperament: Extroverted
  • Shedding Factor: Infrequent

With their long, fluffy coats and short stature, Havanese pups may appear as bubbly on the outside as they are on the inside. Full of buoyant energy, these dogs thrive on social outings. Their coats need plenty of brushing (probably daily) to keep them free of tangles and knots.

fluffy dog breeds japanese spitz
Anthony Murphy/Getty Images

6. Japanese Spitz

  • Average Height: 13 inches
  • Average Weight: 17 pounds
  • Temperament: Good-natured
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Unlike some seasonal shedders, the Japanese Spitz doesn’t shed a ton throughout the year. These confident, loving and intelligent dogs make excellent companions. Like the German Spitz, these dogs have very fluffy manes and grinning faces.

fluffy dog breeds pekingese
Pekic/Getty Images

7. Pekingese

  • Average Height: 7 inches
  • Average Weight: 12 pounds
  • Temperament: Independent
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Fluffy manes are signature Pekingese traits, as are their short snouts and poofy tails. These dogs were bred as companions for royalty, so forgive them if they tend to be a bit aloof or egotistical. They really do love their humans.

fluffy dog breeds pomeranian
Milda Ulpyt/Getty Images

8. Pomeranian

  • Average Height: 7 inches
  • Average Weight: 5 pounds
  • Temperament: Fearless
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Nothing says “Pomeranian” like a fluffy, rust-colored double coat. Poms also come in other colors, but the fiery, orange-red is most reminiscent of their playful personality. Definitely prepare to brush—and play—often with a Pom.

fluffy dog breeds shetland sheepdog
mccun934/Getty Images

9. Shetland Sheepdog

  • Average Height: 14 inches
  • Average Weight: 20 pounds
  • Temperament: Enthusiastic
  • Shedding Factor: Frequent

Similar to the collie (their cousin!), Shetland sheepdogs are herding dogs with long, fluffy, rough coats. They’re also super smart and embrace obedience training. With personalities as big as theirs, you’ll forget this dog is actually on the smaller side.

Medium Dogs

fluffy dog breeds australian shepherd
Matthew Palmer/Getty Images

10. Australian Shepherd

  • Average Height: 20 inches
  • Average Weight: 52 pounds
  • Temperament: Energetic
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Australian Shepherds are born herders and don’t mind spending hours outdoors. Their double coats protect them from the elements. When they shed, brushing them daily helps control how much fur ends up on your couch. They have truly gorgeous coats: long, fluffy white tufts with shocks of blue and red mixed in.

fluffy dog breeds barbet
Lucia Romero Herranz/EyeEm/Getty Images

11. Barbet

  • Average Height: 22 inches
  • Average Weight: 50 pounds
  • Temperament: Upbeat
  • Shedding Factor: Infrequent

One look at the curls on a Barbet is enough to make you fall head over tail for this fluffball! Their coats can be black, brown or gray, sometimes with white spots on the chest or paws. Originally bred to catch birds in France, these dogs are smart and athletic.

fluffy dog breeds golden retriever
Lucia Romero Herranz/EyeEm/Getty Images

12. Golden Retriever

  • Average Height: 22 inches
  • Average Weight: 65 pounds
  • Temperament: Friendly
  • Shedding Factor: Frequent

Though technically, goldens only shed seasonally, any owner will tell you those long, golden-blonde hairs turn up everywhere on a daily basis. Known for their friendly, easy-going demeanor, golden retrievers do tend to be fluffier as puppies. But their lengthy, luxurious adult coats can be just as soft and cuddly.

fluffy dog breeds great pyrenees
Kathryn Schauer/Getty Images

13. Great Pyrenees

  • Average Height: 28 inches
  • Average Weight: 95 pounds
  • Temperament: Calm
  • Shedding Factor: Frequent

A bigger, fluffier version of a golden retriever is the Great Pyrenees. Their double coats are actually weather- and tangle-proof, but brushing will help with all the shedding. Gentle, giant and gorgeous, these dogs make excellent pets for families and less active owners.

fluffy dog breeds irish water spaniel
Nikolay Belyakov/Getty Images

14. Irish Water Spaniel

  • Average Height: 23 inches
  • Average Weight: 57 pounds
  • Temperament: Curious
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal, Hypoallergenic

Another curly-haired breed, the Irish Water Spaniel is up for anything and happy to try new adventures. Their coats are also waterproof, a trait developed over time in dogs bred to spend hours in water. It simply means their oil glands are more active and help keep water away.

fluffy dog breeds keeshond
Daniela Duncan/Getty Images

15. Keeshond

  • Average Height: 17 inches
  • Average Weight: 40 pounds
  • Temperament: Spirited
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

These dogs were bred in Holland to guard barges along the rivers, which turned them into social, loyal canines. Keeshond coats are essentially thick poofs of furperfect for lounging next to on a cold day.

fluffy dog breeds samoyed
Lthi Kay Canthr Caeng/EyeEm/Getty Images

16. Samoyed

  • Average Height: 21 inches
  • Average Weight: 50 pounds
  • Temperament: Sweet
  • Shedding Factor: Frequent

Samoyeds resemble American Eskimo dogs, with their bright white tufts of fur. However, Samoyeds tend to be gentler and more easy-going, perhaps due to the centuries they’ve spent living and working in the world’s coldest climates. Brushing frequently helps control their constant shedding.

fluffy dog breeds siberian husky
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17. Siberian Husky

  • Average Height: 24 inches
  • Average Weight: 42 pounds
  • Temperament: Dedicated
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Smaller than the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Huskies have similar builds and fluffy coats. They’re definitely pack dogs with high prey drives, but this energy can be great for active households with room for the dog to roam.

fluffy dog breeds akita
Sritanan/Getty Images

18. Akita

  • Average Height: 26 inches
  • Average Weight: 100 pounds
  • Temperament: Loyal
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

These giant, fluffy dogs have a double coat that won’t shed much until the seasons change. Then, beware of hair all over your house! Akitas love to love you and are all about protecting their families—to the point where they may not be friendly to new people or pets.

fluffy dog breeds alaskan malamute
Marina Varnava/Getty Images

19. Alaskan Malamute

  • Average Height: 24 inches
  • Average Weight: 80 pounds
  • Temperament: Playful
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Similar to the Akita, Alaskan Malamutes have double coats that will shed a ton twice a year. Their coats are weather- and water-proof, the result of being bred to carry sleds over long expanses of ice and snow. If you’re looking for a social dog with an abundance of energy, look no further.

fluffy dog breeds chow chow
Iza Łysoń/Getty Images

20. Chow Chow

  • Average Height: 18 inches
  • Average Weight: 57 pounds
  • Temperament: Serious
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Chow Chows are thick dogs with thick coats. It’s important to brush them regularly to keep the fluff around their face from matting. Some Chow Chows have rough fur while others are noticeably smoother. Interestingly, these are pretty serious dogs! They are loyal to their families but don’t always enjoy new people.

fluffy dog breeds bernese mountain dog
Andrew Hingston/Getty Images

21. Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Average Height: 25 inches
  • Average Weight: 93 pounds
  • Temperament: Affectionate
  • Shedding Factor: Frequent

Known for being an affectionate family dog, the Bernese Mountain dog is also a fluffy breed who can cuddle like no other. Their double coats shed constantly, so brushing every day will keep them free of knots.

fluffy dog breeds collie
Henri Karppinen/Getty Images

22. Collie

  • Average Height: 24 inches
  • Average Weight: 62 pounds
  • Temperament: Sweet
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Like the Chow Chow, there are rough- and smooth-coated collies. The rough coat is the most recognizable one. Collie coats come in a wide variety of colors and shed as the seasons change. These dogs love kids, exercise and learning (hello, obedient family pet!).

fluffy dog breeds newfoundland1
Vera_Petrunina/Getty Images

23. Newfoundland

  • Average Height: 27 inches
  • Average Weight: 125 pounds
  • Temperament: Patient
  • Shedding Factor: Seasonal

Talk about a big working dog! Newfoundlands were bred to work, which turned them into steadfast and patient dogs. They’ve got a lot of hair, too. Get ready to brush weekly (at least).

fluffy dog breeds old english sheepdog
Tara Gregg/EyeEm/Getty Images

24. Old English Sheepdog

  • Average Height: 22 inches
  • Average Weight: 80 pounds
  • Temperament: Adaptable
  • Shedding Factor: Frequent

Perhaps one of the most recognizable dog coats is that of the Old English sheepdog. Shaggy and fluffy, these dogs require lots of grooming. Sure, they may not be low maintenance, but they are affectionate, doting creatures who are always down to walk or play.

fluffy dog breeds standard poodle
fotostorm/Getty Images

25. Standard Poodle

  • Average Height: 21 inches
  • Average Weight: 55 pounds
  • Temperament: Smart
  • Shedding Factor: Rare, Low-Allergen

One of the most intelligent breeds, poodles are also one of the fluffiest. Their coats do require extensive grooming and brushing to ensure they don’t get too matted, but it’s worth it for a dog that is smart, athletic and generally up for whatever comes its way.

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