30 Golden Retriever Mixes We Want to Cuddle with ASAP

Golden retrievers might be the poster dog for, well, dogs! They are smart, friendly and hopelessly devoted to their humans. Their intelligence and attentiveness make them excellent therapy and guide dogs. Breeders love them because when you combine golden retriever genetics with other breeds, the result is often a more obedient and outgoing pup. Golden retriever mixes—as with any crossbreeds—are more uniquely colored and have more varied personalities than purebreds. However, since mixed breed personalities are more difficult to predict, you never really know what a dog is like until you’ve lived with him for a bit.

In addition, some purebred dogs pass down specific health issues to their progeny. For example, purebred goldens are prone to hip dysplasia and cancer. Mixing breeds lessens the chance either breed’s common health issues will cause severe problems down the road.

Some of the pups on our list are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club; others are common combinations developed by breeders for specific purposes. If you are interested in a specific breed or mixed breed, be sure to do your research on the breeder! VCA Ark Animal Hospitals provides a checklist you should follow to determine if a breeder is treating their dogs well.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, 30 golden retriever mixes that are too cute to handle.

1. Golden Cocker Retriever (golden Retriever + Cocker Spaniel)

Height Range: 14-24 inches
Weight Range: 30-60 pounds
Key Characteristics: Adaptable, playful

These are two of the most popular dog breeds for several reasons. Both are sweet animals who learn quickly and enjoy following commands. Both Cocker Spaniels and goldens are excited to play any time of day, making them awesome family pets.

2. Gollie (golden Retriever + Collie)

Height Range: 22-26 inches
Weight Range: 45-70 pounds
Key Characteristics: Loving, energetic

Gee, Gollie! We can’t get over this cute combo! This mixed breed is full of energy and does well playing with others—whether that means other dogs or family members. Most will have a longer snout due to that trademark collie look.

3. Goldmation (golden Retriever + Dalmatian)

Height Range: 19-23 inches
Weight Range: 55-70 pounds
Key Characteristics: Alert, lively

What’s black and white and gold all over? A Goldmatian! While Dalmatians can be slightly more proud and territorial than goldens, this combo is said to make an alert, but sweet watchdog.

4. Golden Shepherd (golden Retriever + German Shepherd)

Height Range: 20-27 inches
Weight Range: 60-95 pounds
Key Characteristics: Social, Energetic

DogTime notes that due to the golden shepherd’s big energy and love of people, it’s not wise to leave them alone for long periods of time. They’re well-suited to be family pets, especially big families.

5. Golden Pyrenees (golden Retriever + Great Pyrenees)

Height Range: 25-30 inches
Weight Range: 75-120 pounds
Key Characteristics: Happy, calm

Unlike the golden shepherd, the golden Pyrenees is much more relaxed. While still up for a raucous game of fetch, these giant pups know how to lounge with the laziest of us.

6. Goldador (golden Retriever + Labrador Retriever)

Height Range: 20-24 inches
Weight Range: 50-80 pounds
Key Characteristics: Affectionate, spirited

Again, two super popular breeds have combined to create the ultimate canine when it comes to affection, play and optimism. The goldador (sometimes called a golden Lab) enjoys lots of exercise, according to Totally Goldens, so be ready for ample cardio.

7. Goldendoodle (golden Retriever + Poodle)

Height Range: 10-15 inches (miniature), 15-21 inches (standard), 20-29 inches (large)
Weight Range: 15-35 pounds (miniature), 40-50 pounds (standard), 50-90 pounds (large)
Key Characteristics: Smart, cheerful

Since Poodles come in three sizes, so does the goldendoodle. The ASPCA notes both breeds are known for their smarts and devotion to their people, so be sure to work plenty of snuggling into every day (after a good run around the yard, of course).

8. Beago (golden Retriever + Beagle)

Height Range: 14-20 inches
Weight Range: 30-60 pounds
Key Characteristics: Laid Back, doting

The beago is a much more chilled out version of a golden retriever. They still enjoy playtime, but LoveYourDog says these puppies will be less hyper than purebred goldens. Beagles are also hunters, so they may turn out to be very curious pets who can’t help but follow their noses.

10. Australian Retriever (golden Retriever + Australian Shepherd)

Height Range: 19-24 inches
Weight Range: 40-65 pounds
Key Characteristics: Active, intelligent

The Australian retriever really loves having stuff to do, so keep this pup entertained with new tricks and old favorites like fetch and tug-of-war. Since both breeds have working dog blood, they’ll respond well to commands—and positive reinforcement.

10. Basset Retriever (golden Retriever + Basset Hound)

Height Range: 10-20 inches
Weight Range: 40-70 pounds
Key Characteristics: Mellow

Known for its calm demeanor and droopy ears, the Basset Hound brings a lackadaisical energy to the Golden Retriever table - and we’re here for it. Get ready for a happy face on the more elongated, stout body of a Basset Retriever. Perfect for couch potato-ing, IMO.

11. Golden Mountain Dog (golden Retriever + Bernese Mountain Dog)

Height Range: 24-28 inches
Weight Range: 75-120 pounds
Key Characteristics: Adventurous, affectionate

If you live in a colder climate, enjoy outdoorsy activities and want a big, cuddly, devoted companion, look no further than the golden mountain dog. These are delightfully affectionate pups who need lots of space (preferably outside in the snow) to run around. Like the golden Pyrenees, they are great with kids and other pets.

12. Golden Cavalier (golden Retriever + Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Height Range: 14-18 inches
Weight Range: 35-40 pounds
Key Characteristics: Adaptable, lively

Mixing a golden retriever with any smaller breed will result in the big golden personality in a tinier package. Enter: the near-perfect golden cavalier. They have a gentle energy and compact size that works well in a wider variety of environments than a large golden. Plus, those ears!

13. American Gointer (golden Retriever + English Pointer)

Height Range: 22-27 inches
Weight Range: 40-65 pounds
Key Characteristics: Playful, stubborn

American gointers are all about sporting activities and may not want to stop playing when it’s time for dinner. Training early will help with this stubborn streak, according to Doggie Designer. This crossbreed has a good heart, so at the end of the day, all they want is some affection.

14. Spangold Retriever (golden Retriever + English Springer Spaniel)

Height Range: 18-24 inches
Weight Range: 40-60 pounds
Key Characteristics: Loyal, cheerful

According to DogZone’s Dr. Linda Simon, MVB, MRCVS, the Spangold retriever is a dog who loves to dote. They’re loyal creatures which makes them dutiful watch dogs (though beware when they meet strangers, as they may feel the need to physically protect their humans). Get ready for lots of squirrel chasing, too.

15. Golden Irish (golden Retriever + Irish Setter)

Height Range: 21-28 inches
Weight Range: 55-80 pounds
Key Characteristics: Friendly, agile

Golden Irish dogs have silky smooth coats and are stunning to watch as they run, jump and play (though they prefer you join in the party). These make excellent family dogs because they love meeting new people and work well with others (dogs and cats included).

16. Soft Coated Golden (golden Retriever + Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier)

Height Range: 16-18 inches
Weight Range: 35-45 pounds
Key Characteristics: Energetic, stubborn

The friendliness of a golden retriever and the stubbornness of a soft coated Wheaten terrier create a wildly goofy, sweet-natured soft coated golden. Definitely train early so they retain commands and learn to control their hyper energy. Honestly, they’re just so excited to see you, they won’t know how to contain themselves until you teach them.

17. Goldmaraner (golden Retriever + Weimaraner) 

Height Range: 18-27 inches
Weight Range: 50-65 pounds
Key Characteristics: Active, proud

This crossbreed does well with regular exercise and doesn’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. If left to their own devices, they’ll guard their home like there’s no tomorrow (and look for ways to entertain themselves, which could mean destroying the furniture if you’re not careful).

18. Golden Dox (golden Retriever + Dachshund)

Height Range: 10-23 inches
Weight Range: 30-60 pounds
Key Characteristics: Independent, lively

We’re kind of obsessed with the ears on these pups! The golden dox will probably have an independent streak and want to do her own thing sometimes, so training early is a good idea. Lots of playtime and lots of attention will keep her happy. Sorry, did we mention the ears?

19. Golden Boxer (golden Retriever + Boxer)

Height Range: 20-24 inches
Weight Range: 60-75 pounds
Key Characteristics: Protective, exuberant

A golden boxer will guard your home from strangers, play catch with your kids and patiently wait for dinner as they practice a new trick they learned. It’s all in a day’s work for these canines—and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

20. Golden Corgi (golden Retriever + Corgi)

Height Range: 10-18 inches
Weight Range: 30-75 pounds
Key Characteristics: Happy, outgoing

Get ready to meet people when out with your golden corgi! These social dogs enjoy companionship and are up for just about anything. Because they are also intelligent, they may get bored easily or refuse to go to bed when the day is done.

21. Golden Bernard (golden Retriever + St. Bernard)

Height Range: 30-36 inches
Weight Range: 100-220 pounds
Key Characteristics: Gentle, loyal

Consider this crossbreed a lumbering ball of fluff who is eager to please and knows how to play nicely with others. Much calmer than a purebred golden retriever, the golden Bernard (or St. Golden as they are sometimes called) responds well to commands and, as long as they have enough exercise during the day, can easily settle down for the night.

22. Golden Ridgeback (golden Retriever + Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Height Range: 24-26 inches
Weight Range: 55-85 pounds
Key Characteristics: Reserved, kind

This mix usually produces an even-keeled version of the lively, super affectionate golden retriever. A golden ridgeback will take more time getting used to new people, but once he’s on board, he’ll welcome them with open arms. Since they can be strong-willed animals, they’re not as ideal for families as some of the other dogs on our list

23. Golden Pitbull (golden Retriever + Pitbull)

Height Range: 17-25 inches
Weight Range: 50-75 pounds
Key Characteristics: Confident, sweet

Golden pitbulls tend to be happy pets—and big dogs who might try to sleep on your lap like a toy pup. Socialization and training early will help them stay happy and friendly into old age.

24. Golden Doberman (golden Retriever + Doberman Pinscher)

Height Range: 21-28 inches
Weight Range: 55-100 pounds
Key Characteristics: Athletic, intelligent

Two highly intelligent breeds like these make an excellent guard dog—not to mention one who loves her family more than anything! The Golden Doberman (sometimes referred to as a Golderman) will benefit from having things to do that stimulate her mentally and physically.

25. Goldsky Or Goberian (golden Retriever + Siberian Husky)

Height Range: 20-24 inches
Weight Range: 45-65 pounds
Key Characteristics: Mischievous, cheerful

It’ll be easy to ignore how much fur you’ll see everywhere with this crossbreed that sheds like crazy once you spend some time with the cheerful, playful Goberian. Super smart and somewhat independent, be sure to instill commands and training early.

26. Goldenshire (golden Retriever + Yorkshire Terrier)

Height Range: 10-12 inches
Weight Range: 20-25 pounds
Key Characteristics: Goofy, social

More social and easy-going than purebred Yorkies, the Goldenshire is a great family pet. They’ll learn commands swiftly, but be sure to remind them who is the boss or they’ll “forget” and start to run their own show.

27. Golden Chi (golden Retriever + Chihuahua)

Height Range: 9-20 inches
Weight Range: 15-30 pounds
Key Characteristics: Gentle, Energetic

When you combine the stubborn independence of a chihuahua and the outgoing cheerful nature of a golden retriever, you will *hopefully* end up with a golden chi that respects boundaries. These can definitely be sweet pets, as long as they’re socialized early.

28. Golden Sheltie (golden Retriever + Shetland Sheepdog)

Height Range: 13-20 inches
Weight Range: 25-55 pounds
Key Characteristics: Adaptable, charming

Golden Shelties learn quickly and like to remind you how good they are by performing tricks, obeying commands and showering you with kisses. Sure, they might bark a bit, but that’s another way they’re showing you how much they care!

29. Golden Akita (golden Retriever + Akita) 

Height Range: 20-24 inches
Weight Range: 70-90 pounds
Key Characteristics: Protective, active

Loyalty runs in both goldens and Akitas, so expect the golden Akita to happily protect his territory and family members. While Akitas can be headstrong, this mix can result in a more easy-going, happy-go-lucky pup. Introduce kids right away so they learn to love ‘em, instead of fear ‘em.

30. Golden Vizsla (golden Retriever + Vizsla) 

Height Range: 21-25 inches
Weight Range: 45-60 pounds
Key Characteristics: Even-tempered, energetic

Usually a rich, deep golden hue, the golden Vizsla is an excellent hunting companion and adventurer. This crossbreed is smart enough to know when it’s time to chill and dog enough to know it could always be time to play.

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