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Wanna Burn 100 Calories? Take a Bath

To burn 100 calories, you could:

A. Chase your dog around for 30 minutes
B. Wash the dishes for 40 minutes
C. Take a one-hour bath

We don’t know about you, but we’d way rather get our spa on than partake in the first two. Luckily, according to a study at the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine at Loughborough University in England, it’s actually true.

Though done on a small scale (the test group was 14 men), researchers found that a one-hour bath in 104-degree water burned around 130 calories—about as many as you’d burn on a 30-minute walk.

Do we recommend swapping out all of your gym sessions for long soaks in the tub? No. Will your skin get totally pruny if you sit in the bath for an hour? Probably. Are we willing to give it a shot in the name of burning a few extra cals and some sweet, sweet relaxation? You bet.  

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