You Can Exercise While Watching Your Favorite Disney Movies, Thanks to runDisney's New Cross-Training Workouts

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You want to sit back, relax and watch a movie, but you really should squeeze in a workout. Now, you don't have to choose between the two, thanks to runDisney's new cross-training workouts.

These sessions are each tied to a Disney movie you can stream on Disney+, and are designed to help runners stay fit between races—while having fun, of course.

First up is The Little Mermaid, about which runDisney's blog writes, "There’s no need to be such a guppy when it comes to adding in cross-training exercises to your running routine. After a long run, you’ll need to spare those poor, unfortunate SOLES. What better way to flip your fins and get your body moving than with this at-home… oh what’s that word again? WORKOUT!" Expect moves like jumping jacks, wall sits, burpees and—very on-theme—clamshells.

For the uninitiated, runDisney is the road race division of Disney Sports Enterprises. The division is designed to get runners to plan a "runcation", a vacation that coincides with a fun, Disney-themed race.

Though the Little Mermaid workout is the only one available right now, apparently a Hercules-themed fitness sesh is up next. You'll be able to find them all on the runDisney blog, or on Twitter and Instagram.

Multitasking at its finest, no?

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