This Is the Most Common Royal Zodiac Sign (& It’s Honestly Dead On)

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Royals and the word “common” rarely go together, but alas, it seems there is one zodiac sign that has brought the two opposing ideals together. When it comes to zodiac signs, there is one recurring star sign that the Mountbatten-Windsor gang falls under. Find out the zodiac sign that houses more members of the royal family than any other, below.

So, what is the most common royal zodiac sign?

It’s Taurus. That’s right, Queen Elizabeth (April 21), Princess Charlotte (May 2), Prince Louis (April 23) and Baby Archie (May 6) are all strong-willed Tauruses. These earth signs are known to be hardworking, intelligent, strong-minded and loyal, which, if you have ever watched one single episode of The Crown or read any given biography on the royals, you know that to be true of Queen Elizabeth. (The verdict is, of course, still out on the kiddos). In fact, she dutifully ascended to the throne due to her steadfast understanding of familial obligation, which lets us know everything we need to know about loyalty. Like her fellow bulls, the queen has also been known to be a staunch enforcer of tradition, having approved all royal nuptials that have taken place since her reign began, having never sat on a foreign throne and never having participated in a (public) selfie—all longstanding traditions written in a royal handbook somewhere…we believe.

Her majesty also seems to enjoy the comfort and steadiness that comes with the status quo, a trait that is attributed to these routine and stability-loving earth signs. With 70 years under her belt, she is the longest-reigning sovereign which is perhaps the most obvious indicator of stability if we have ever known one. And while these fierce bulls are renowned for their stubbornness, their love for the finer things in life is unmatched. One look at her royal highness’s dazzling monochromatic ensembles over the course of her reign, and we can all agree that the original Lilibet likes what she likes and does have exquisite taste.

What other royals share the same sign?

Though no other zodiac signs recur as much as Taurus, several of the main royals do share the same stars signs. Duchess Camilla, Prince William and Prince George are all Cancers, which means they may be supremely emotional and sensitive even though they’re prone to presenting a tough disposition like their symbol, the crab. It’s also worth noting that the late Princess Diana was also a Cancer, which lines up with her love for family and beloved nurturing nature. Kate Middleton and Princess Anne are both Capricorns, making them highly logical, hardworking and grounded, while Meghan Markle and Princess Beatrice are both Leos which makes them super protective and maybe a wee bit prideful. Princess Eugenie is the lone fiery Aries, Prince Harry the only Virgo and Prince Charles the only Scorpio.

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