Queen Elizabeth & Princess Margaret's Christmas Dresses to Go on Display for the First Time

We are royally excited to announce that rare garments from Her Majesty's past are going on display.

Windsor Castle recently made the announcement on Instagram, explaining that visitors will get to see vintage costumes worn by Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, when they performed a series of Christmas pantomimes in Windsor during World War II.

The caption reads, "From 25 November 2021 to 31 January 2022, visitors to Windsor Castle will have the unique opportunity to see six rare surviving costumes worn by the teenage Princesses during these wartime performances. Brought together for the first time, the costumes will be displayed in the Waterloo Chamber where the pantomimes were originally performed 80 years ago."

Shared through the official account of Royal Collection Trust, the post includes close-up shots of their costumes from Aladdin and a rare throwback of the royal teens. Queen Elizabeth, who played the title role of Aladdin, is decked out in a gold brocade and turquoise jacket, along with matching dungarees and a hat. Meanwhile, Princess Margaret, who played Princess Roxana, wears a red silk dress and a coordinating jacket.

According to the official website, three of the queen's costumes from Old Mother Red Riding Boots will also be on display for the first time. She donned a long sleeve pink satin and lace dress to play Lady Christina Sherwood. (She also wore a chintz shirt with trousers and a sunhat for a seaside scene.) Princess Margaret, who played The Honourable Lucinda Fairfax, wore a blue taffeta dress and cream lace bloomers.

The Christmas pantomimes, which are musical comedy stage productions, were held from 1941 to 1944 to help raise money for the Royal Household Wool Fund, a charity that supplied knitting wool to make comforters for soldiers.

Call us old-fashioned, but we certainly wouldn't mind rocking these threads today.

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