Your Monthly Horoscopes: June 2021

For many of us, June is a life-changing month. Major breakthroughs occur. Best- and worst-case scenarios play out. Our new lives begin. And of course, in times like these, our instincts tell us to plan for the worst (and expect the best!). But between this month’s eclipses, Mercury retrograde and steady Saturn once again squaring off with powder keg Uranus—well, making plans is overrated.

Don’t think all is lost though. Some sweetness does exist; Venus enters Cancer on the 2nd! With the love planet swimming through the cardinal water sign, we can at least find some comfort in the form of a home-cooked meal. This access to tender, loving care is especially important on the 10th when the solar eclipse in Gemini—a super intense new moon—rocks our world with another major revelation. It’s a trip to realize how much we really don’t know.

Then on the 11th, Mars finally leaves “Summertime Sadness” Cancer for “I Don’t Care (I Love It)” Leo. Though this puts some heat (and some roar) back into our fight, we cannot escape vulnerability as the sun enters emo Cancer on the 20th. Happy birthday to our sensitive babes from Ariana Grande to Lana Del Rey to Meryl Streep. A lot is changing—it’s OK to cry!

Things start looking up (relatively speaking) as Mercury stations direct on the 22nd, clearing up the fog of eclipse season. Then on the 24th, there’s a full moon in steady, grounded Capricorn, giving us some structured time to make a list and catch our breath. Finally on the 27th, Venus joins Mars in glamorous Leo and after all we’ve been through, our hot girl summer can begin. We’re different now but the show must go on.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

2 gemini

This is a truly chaotic month and TBH, you’re living for it. While most of your friends are stressing over money, a toxic roommate or a bad breakup, you’re mostly focused on doing you. If there is a personal crisis this month—and one is definitely possible around the solar eclipse in your sign on the 10th—it comes from realizing that you can’t get away with your same old tricks. (Yes, your boss has caught on that you’re doing a full skincare routine with your camera off during every full company zoom.) Let Mercury retrograde (through the 22nd) be a time of reflection about your approach to expressing yourself. Maybe you can accomplish your goal without being quite so loud.

Love Horoscope: The lunar eclipse on May 26th brought an end to one of your most important relationships. Whether it was romantic or platonic, it’s a lot to process. Though you usually like to jump right back into the dating game, you enjoy this month of flying solo. Take yourself on a date. How can you bring your best self to your next relationship?

Money Horoscope: The full moon in Capricorn on the 24th reveals opportunities for grants, loans or collaborations. This could be the moment when your BFF finally convinces you to start that matchmaking business with her. Why not? Whatever you’re investing in now will provide stability for the future.

pecially after Jupiter goes into Pisces on the 13th). This is amazing for your shared finances but you’re also feeling like neither of you has any time to work on the relationship. The total lunar eclipse on the 26th clears up some lingering business concerns and lets you two focus on each other again.

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Taurus on the 11th finds you ready to splurge on something that makes you feel comfortable and luxurious but make sure you do your research first. With the lunation happening in the part of your chart that represents “the void,” that weighted blanket, high-tech blender or seemingly magical rug could end up being a total dud.

3 cancer

There’s no getting around it, this month is an absolute doozy for most people. But for you, Cancer? June could be much worse. On the 2nd, Venus—planet of love and connection—enters your sign, letting you slow down and focus on self-care— both the 3rd and the 23rd are great days to really indulge. Between all the clay masks and foot rubs, watch out for the solar eclipse on the 10th which falls in your unconscious sector. That grudge you’ve been holding onto since last summer—like that feud with your ex-roommate over the gas bill—resurfaces, and your only choice is to let it go. There are some things that are just out of your control.

Love Horoscope: The full moon in Capricorn on the 24th brings an exciting yet very grounded turning point for your love life. Are you finally in the kind of relationship that you deserve? With a partner who really shows up for you? Use this lunation to make plans for the future together.

Money Horoscope: Around the 14th (as steady Saturn squares off with off-kilter Uranus), you discover that one of your friends (who never seems to be doing any work) has a way higher salary and much cushier benefits than you do. Let the jealousy fuel your quest to get the compensation that you deserve.

4 leo

Problems arise in the group chat at the solar eclipse on the 10th, making you wonder if anyone is listening or if you’re all just complaining into the void. Is it time to seek out some new friends? Then on the 11th, action planet Mars moves into your sign which boosts your energy and gets you back into a fitness routine. Just watch out that you aren’t so excited to be back at the gym that you’re pushing past your own limits. Once Cancer season begins (and the sun enters your unconscious sector), you’re ready for a much deserved break from reality. Spend the last week of the month disconnected and going at your own pace.

Love Horoscope: Things are certainly heating up on the relationship front this month but not in a sexy way. You don’t know why but everything your partner says and does just annoys you. Every tiny disagreement seems to turn into a blowout fight. The only solution right now might be to agree to disagree.

Money Horoscope: With Mercury retrograde through the 22nd, you’re tempted to make a lot of irresponsible purchases. Do you need that ayurvedic meal kit? Are you ever going to use that Peloton? And do you even have room for another rattan dresser? Some of these things are meant to stay on the Pinterest board!

5 virgo

Everyone’s having a hard time, but you might take the cake this month, Virgo. Sure, things seem good on the outside: Career opportunities are everywhere, your hookup has blossomed into a relationship and your parents are retiring to the beach! It’s all happening! But you’re also drowning as you try to balance all your responsibilities. This peaks around the solar eclipse on the 10th when your coworkers want to take you out to celebrate your accomplishments but end up stuck on your laptop until midnight, filing everyone else’s deadlines. Mercury retrograde ends on the 22nd so for the last week of the month at least, you can get back on track.

Love Horoscope: The full moon on the 24th puts a spotlight on your romantic life. Partnership has become more important to you than ever and on this night especially, you’re able to show the one you love how special they really are to you. Make it a date and enjoy the night!

Money Horoscope: Since you started working from the office again, there have been some power dynamic issues amongst your coworkers. Things somehow aren’t operating as smoothly as they were over Slack! A sit down with the full team on the 23rd is difficult but helps sort things out. (And for you, it could mean some extra compensation!)

6 libra

For months (or honestly, since 2019), you’ve been worried about where you’re headed in your career. With Mars in Cancer since April 23rd, these concerns (that constantly run through your inner monologue) have only gotten louder. The solar eclipse on the 10th shakes things up yet again and offers a challenge for you to expand your vision for the future. Neglecting to make any kind of five-year plan has only been holding you back. On the 22nd, when the sun connects with optimistic Jupiter, you’re given some recognition for your hard work. All you had to do was commit!

Love Horoscope: This month, you’re less focused on your romantic prospects (a shock we know!) and are more focused on building up your networks and friends. Once Mars moves into Leo on the 11th, it feels like all your energy is going into getting back in touch with those you’ve been missing since last year. But who knows? That casual friend of the past might become your lover in the future.

Money Horoscope: The ultimate message of 2021 is “change is good.” And for you, Libra, you might want to make a change in your cash flow through some speculative ventures. With reliable Saturn and provocative Uranus forming a square on the 14th, this month is an ideal time to start researching crypto, downloading stock apps and figuring out where to invest.

7 scorpio

The lunar eclipse on May 26th delivered some disappointing financial news. You’re not getting the raise you wanted, and it turns out your dream job has a shockingly low salary threshold. So how are you going to make things work? For many of your money problems, the solution might actually be collaboration. That friend of a friend who’s always offering to be a pro bono financial advisor? Give her a call—especially around the solar eclipse on the 10th. Once your ruling planet Mars moves into Leo on the 11th, you’re more determined than ever to level up in your career.

Love Horoscope: Since Jupiter entered Pisces on May 13th, you’ve probably noticed a major upswing in your romantic life. If you’re dating, you’re excited to cruise the apps and if you’re in a relationship, your partner (who has been grumpy to the entirety of lockdown) is doing sweet things for you again. Plan a special date for the 3rd as Venus connects with Jupiter bringing some dreamy vibes.

Money Horoscope: As much as you want to resolve your job search and get ahead, there’s also a lot going on at home. If you ignore one thing to pursue the other, the tension only builds so try to find some work-life balance if you can. On the 5th and 30th especially, take a break from the hustle and clean your room.

8 sagittarius

Breaking up is hard to do. Whether you’re going through a romantic split or letting go of a business partner, this eclipse season is all about allowing a relationship to end. Closing the door. Walking away. Venus—planet of compromise—enters your shared resources sector on the 2nd, which at the very least improves your financial negotiations. You will get to keep the couch and the Vitamix in the divorce. Though your progress in building a home for yourself slows down once Jupiter stations retrograde on the 20th, you’ve gotten a clear download of home (and self) improvement projects that will carry you through 2022!

Love Horoscope: Yes, you’re definitely going through a pretty heavy breakup right now but are you also seeing how you have more options than ever on the dating front? Mercury meets the sun on the 10th—a transit that usually comes with a major “a-ha!” moment—helping you realize that when it comes to romance, the best is yet to come!

Money Horoscope: Though much of this month is caught up in sorting out your assets with someone else, the full moon in Capricorn on the 24th is a key moment to address your personal worth. This isn’t one of those party full moons, it’s a full moon for you to sit down with some spreadsheets and really think about the future. How much do you have and how much more do you need?


For you, June is so busy that you might forget that you just spent the last year on your couch, re-watching The Sopranos and taking up birdwatching as a hobby. Now, you’re back at the office, getting into a social groove and rushing your toddler to activities. But the solar eclipse on the 10th and Mercury retrograde (through the 22nd) are for reviewing your schedule, revising your routines and recommitting to 10,000 steps per day. Make health—not productivity—your priority. The month ends with a full moon in your sign on the 24th which is a moment to celebrate with your favorite activity—doing an extended skincare routine and making a to-do list!

Love Horoscope: Venus enters Cancer and your partnership sector on the 2nd which brings all kinds of romance back to your relationship. The sex is better than ever and so is the communication. The vulnerability flows even more when Cancer season kicks off on the 20th. Let it all out together!

Money Horoscope: 2021’s astrology is defined by tough-guy Saturn squaring off with innovative Uranus for the entire year. This transit brings shakeups to the status quo and for you, it has a lot to do with how you’re spending and saving your money. This aspect is exact on the 14th, and you might notice that you’re not as frugal as usual. You’ve worked really hard, so why not enjoy some of the rewards?

10 aquarius

The first half of June is for following your bliss and the second half is for figuring out how to maintain that bliss. With Mercury retrograde in your pleasure sector (through the 22nd), you have former flings showing up in your DMs, forgotten creative projects coming back to life and plenty of plans to hang with friends. The solar eclipse on the 10th helps you define which of these myriads of opportunities are worth it and which need to be left on the curb. Once Cancer season starts on the 20th, your focus is work and developing more consistent routines. You want to write your crush a love song but first you must learn to play guitar.

Love Horoscope: As mentioned, if you want hook ups and flings this month, they’re absolutely available! If you’re looking for a relationship, that’s a different story. The solar eclipse on the 10th helps you weed out a few suitors who aren’t worth your time, but it isn’t until Venus enters Leo (and your partnership sector) on the 27th that you’re sure someone is worth the commitment.

Money Horoscope: Expansion planet Jupiter entered your finance sector last month and you’ve been blessed with an increase in your cash flow. On the 3rd, you’re even able to cover a meal for a few coworkers without breaking a sweat. How can you keep up this level of abundance?

11 pisces

The lunar eclipse on the 26th brought shake ups to your career and shifted power dynamics with your coworkers. And though you’re thrilled that your boss relented and is letting you continue to work from home, Gemini season has you stressing out about every little detail in your living space. Is it worth buying a standing desk if you’ll eventually have to go back to the office anyway? Meanwhile, your partner wants a home gym and you just want better appliances in the kitchen. The solar eclipse on the 10th comes with insights about where your home improvement priorities should be.

Love Horoscope: Even though you’re still stuck at home together, you feel like you and your partner are living in totally separate worlds. Venus enters Cancer and your romance sector on the 2nd though which helps you reclaim the spark and fall in love all over again. Venus makes a supportive trine to Neptune on the 21st, providing the vibes for a dreamy night to remember.

Money Horoscope: With action planet Mars in Cancer through the 10th, you’re inclined to throw your money at pleasures, anything that makes you feel better! Unfortunately, your credit card bill only increases your stress. Once Mars enters Leo and your daily grind sector on the 11th though, you’re too busy to mindlessly shop. If you must engage in retail therapy, make sure it’s on things that you’ll use every day.

12 aries

The lunar eclipse on May 26th provided some answers to all those big “What am I even doing with my life?!” types of questions. But with your ruling planet Mars still in Cancer (where the warrior planet can’t help but be crabby), you’re feeling like you just can’t get started. Watch out for some major irritability (especially in conversations with family members or roommates) on June 5th when Mars opposes powerful Pluto. It’s not your mom’s fault that your boss is being a total jerk (even if right now it feels like it is). Thankfully, Mars’s shift into fiery Leo on the 11th boosts your passion and energy. Leaning into a fresh romance, a favorite hobby or quality time with your kids is an oasis in this turbulent time.

Love Horoscope: Mars entering Leo and your pleasure sector on the 11th gets you back on the apps. But while your sex drive is high, this transit could also bring plenty of arguments with your lover. Once Venus joins Mars in bold Leo on the 27th, you’re able to tap into more romance (rather than just sex) together.

Money Horoscope: Though most of this month has you too busy with projects at home to think about what’s next in your career, the full moon in Capricorn on the 24th offers some needed guidance. That meeting you’ve been dreading with your boss provides an excellent path forward.

1 taurus

Something’s got to give. The lunar eclipse on May 26th revealed that your dreams are going to be far more expensive to attain than you realized. Luckily on the 2nd, your ruling planet, Venus, moves into homebody Cancer and you’re able to lean on your sister or BFF for support. It’s long phone calls with your favorite people, meandering walks in the park and scenic drives to the flower shop in a neighboring town that keep you sane this month. When in doubt, focus on the simple, reliable and familiar things.

Love Horoscope: This Mercury retrograde seems to have all your former lovers popping up in your DMs. This Gemini season is messy and though you’re tempted to throw yourself into a disastrous fling for the sheer thrill of it (especially around the 10th), try to resist. Partners with actual potential start shooting their shot on the 11th as Mars enters bold Leo.

Money Horoscope: Though the month begins with money stress, the solar eclipse on the 10th coincides with an unexpected financial windfall. With Saturn and Uranus squaring off all month across the parts of your chart that deal with your identity vs. your career (and the existential crisis of it all peaking on the 14th), this cash provides an opportunity for you to pause and consider how you really want to contribute to the world.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...