There’s a 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse Coming Up, Here’s What It Means

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Mark your calendars because this Gemini season just got even more interesting. Not only will Mercury be in retrograde, but the skies will be ablaze with a “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse set to take place on June 10, 2021. While it sounds kind of doomsday-ish, this eclipse comes in peace and may just be the catalyst to some breakthroughs. Read all about the Ring of Fire solar eclipse below.

 First, what is a ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse?

Though it sounds like another installation of the Game of Thrones books, the term “Ring of Fire” is simply another way to describe an annular solar eclipse. During your regular total eclipse, the moon passes between the earth and the sun, covering the star entirely. During an annular solar eclipse, however, NASA explains that the moon still passes directly in front of the sun, but because it isn’t close enough to earth to block the sun completely, we see a thin ring of the sun's disk still visible—hence the term, “Ring of Fire.”

Got it, so will I be able to see it?

Unfortunately, this eclipse will have limited viewership. The best spot to watch it will be in north Ontario, Canada but the country still has tight travel restrictions due to COVID-19, so unless you already live nearby, you won’t be able to catch it in its full glory. In the U.S., you can catch a partial eclipse if you reside on the east coast (except Florida) or the upper Midwest in places such as Michigan or Illinois. You’ll have to wake up extra early though because the eclipse happens right at sunrise.

From Canada, the Ring of Fire will travel northward, touching Greenland and the North Pole before finally taking a bow in Siberia.

What’s the astrological significance of solar eclipses? 

Solar eclipses—which happen on new moons—are signals of hope and new beginnings. This means whether you’ve planned it or not, new beginnings are headed your way. This particular eclipse also falls in Gemini, so you may find a lot of energy coming to you and your communication skills may be put to the test. (Definitely read your horoscopes for the month of June!)

How can I apply this to myself?

Remember, change doesn’t have to be major in order to be effective. If you’ve found yourself in a bit of a funk lately, harness some of that Gemini energy and pick up a new physical activity to shake up your routine. It could be something small such as jumping rope in your backyard or a bigger undertaking such as establishing a jogging route. And for those who’ve been avoiding a particular conversation for fear of stirring the pot, go ahead and put those communication skills to use and initiate the convo instead of letting it fester. The stars are on your side—literally. 

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