Your Monthly Horoscopes: July 2022

It might be summer, but July is no vacation. June gave us a much needed reprieve from the tumult of the last few years, but the astrology of July puts us right back in the ring for another round. That said, though there is a fair share of frustration and difficulty this month, there are also some dreamy and romantic moments to keep us going through the hard times.

Mars and Mercury both change signs on the 5th, setting things up to immediately feel very different than how they did last month. Mars leaves bold Aries for stubborn Taurus while Mercury leaves chatty Gemini to join the sun in sensitive Cancer. Under these influences, our communications become more nuanced and intuitive while our actions slow down. Mars in Taurus only puts energy into what’s absolutely necessary. Try not to push too hard against something unwilling to budge.

A full moon in disciplined and ambitious Capricorn on the 13th comes as a helpful reality check in relation to long term planning and goals. Then on the 17th, Venus enters nourishing Cancer inspiring cuddle fests and crying fits to help us process our big feels.

Mercury enters passionate Leo on the 19th with the sun following on the 22nd. Happy Birthday to our generous, regal and protective lionesses like Meghan Markle, Michelle Yeoh and Madonna. Though Leo season usually comes with a confidence boost, the final week of July has quite a few heavy aspects reflecting intense frustration and sudden change that might put a damper on otherwise glamorous affairs.

On the 28th, Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries, marking a turning point in some of the rapid-fire advancement that’s been going on in the Aries part of our chart since May 10th. A new moon in Leo on the same day provides a confidence boost and some levity amidst all the commotion.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

  • Full Moon (7/13): Breakthrough moment for your career or public image
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for romance
  • Other Key Dates: 7/1, 7/5, 7/26

Your word for July is conserve. Sure, you can’t take it with you, but does that mean you have to give it all away? Keeping a frugal mindset is easier for the first half of the month with the sun and Mercury both in Cancer and your home sector, keeping you busy around the house. But once Leo season begins on the 22nd, you’re tempted to go out and splurge. Take it easy though. With your ruling planet Mars in Taurus (from the 5th), everything is moving at a slower pace. Though you’re mostly content with being a homebody, you do get some well-deserved recognition at the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th which lights up your career and public image sector. You’re finally moving past the setbacks of 2020 and into a professional groove.

Love Horoscope: Leo season (from the 22nd) is always your best time of year for romance. But things may feel more aggressive or overwhelming this year as wires get crossed in your flirty DMs. That said, the new moon on the 28th is an auspicious evening for a promising date—one without any pretense, where you can just show up as yourself.

Money Horoscope: With your ruling planet Mars spending almost the entire month (and most of August) in your money sector, you’re obsessed with minding your bank account but also more likely to carelessly spend. As Mars connects with Mercury on the 5th, you have a window of opportunity to make a budget that you’ll actually follow.

  • Full Moon (7/13): A culmination for travel, study or spiritual endeavors
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for home, family and privacy
  • Other Key Dates: 7/14, 7/17, 7/25

Your word for July is confront. An interpersonal conflict that you’ve been quietly dealing with behind the scenes since eclipse season takes center stage once Mars enters your sign on the 5th. This isn’t about having one blowout fight, but rather a series of cathartic chats that will last through mid-August before you find a final resolution. If you find yourself pushing too hard for a quick fix, remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Relief comes to you through caring for your home space: gardening, hosting friends and experimenting in the kitchen, especially once Leo season begins on the 22nd. Leaning into ritual and discipline is a balm in this otherwise rocky terrain.

Love Horoscope: If you’re already in a relationship, you might find that your partner’s needs are taking up a lot of your personal time this month. Whether they’re applying for a new job, going back to school or recovering from surgery, your goals are on the backburner. When you find yourself getting frustrated with the balance of power, remember the moments when they put you first in the past. This phase won’t last forever.

Money Horoscope: Money is steady this month so why not cheer yourself up with some little treats? If getting that $7 matcha latte makes the difference between you getting out of bed for the day or not: take the walk to the coffee shop, and get yourself a cookie while you’re there.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Release fear around debts and loss
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for communication, scheduling and hobbies
  • Other Key Dates: 7/5, 7/16, 7/19, 7/28, 7/31

Your word for July is strategy. After the retrograde and subsequent shadow period in May and June, your ruling planet Mercury is once again moving at top speed and so is your mind. You might feel like you’re playing catch up, desperate to check every task off your to do list. But remember to consider comfort and long term sustainability with every choice you make. Sure, you need to furnish your apartment, but do you need to buy that couch just because it’s on sale? Will you still like it next year? Mercury meets the sun on the 16th bringing an a-ha! moment about what you really need to make you feel comfortable. Things get even busier on the 19th when Mercury enters Leo and your communication sector. Use the new moon in Leo on the 28th as an excuse to get clear about your communication boundaries.

Love Horoscope: Your relationships have grown rapidly since Jupiter entered bold Aries back in May. But this month, you must take a moment to pause and consider where you want to go next. Should you move in together? Are you ready to start a family? Now’s the time to start those conversations.

Money Horoscope: Your ruling planet Mercury is in your money sector from the 5th through the 19th giving you a chance to check in with your budgets at the halfway point of the year. As Mercury meets the sun on the 16th, you may discover some hidden cash, get an overdue Venmo reimbursement from a friend or an unexpected bonus at work.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Breakthrough moment for relationships, partnerships and contracts
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for money, resources and values
  • Other Key Dates: 7/5, 7/16, 7/17

Your word for July is confidence. With the sun, Mercury and Venus all spending time in your sign, this month is an important turning point for you in owning your sensitivity. Whether you’re angling for career advancements, navigating your relationship’s next phase or smoothing over complicated family dynamics, it’s OK to feel your feelings. Take a moment after that important Zoom meeting to cry and make yourself a cup of tea. Your hard work advocating for yourself pays off at the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th when you reach an important relationship milestone. Celebrate it Capricorn-style with long term planning and conversations about the future. The second half of the month is less about putting things out there and more about taking stock and wrapping things up so don’t worry if progress slows down. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Love Horoscope: If you’re already in a relationship, the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th finds you celebrating an anniversary or deciding to take your partnership to the next level. If you’re looking for love though, you attract more attention from potential suitors once Venus enters your sign on the 17th, giving you an undeniable glow. Get out there!

Money Horoscope: Leo season begins on the 22nd and for you, this is the time of year to get your budgets in order. The new moon on the 28th is an auspicious time for checking in with shared accounts and consolidating your debt.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Culmination for an issue at work or with your health that keeps you very busy
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for your image, identity and self care
  • Other Key Dates: 7/10, 7/17, 7/19, 7/22, 7/31

Your word for July is emerge. Action planet Mars moves into Taurus and your public image sector on the 5th which may have you feeling impatient about the next steps you need to take for your career. This conflicts with the energy of Cancer season which makes you want to hibernate and do work behind the scenes. The full moon on the 13th is a perfect moment to take stock of how far you’ve come with health, fitness or discipline since the beginning of the year. Things pick up quickly once your season begins on the 22nd, and especially after the new moon in your sign on the 28th. The rest of the summer will be a whirlwind of progress and change so focus on the things you can control in the meantime.

Love Horoscope: In general, you’re more focused on rest and career advancement this month than you are on relationships, but early in the month, you may want to take a romantic vacation. Tensions build with your lover or spouse later in the month, so take the opportunity to have fun together while you can!

Money Horoscope: With commerce planet Mercury in your unconscious sector from the 5th through the 19th, you should watch your account balances carefully as this influence usually inspires you to overspend. Once Mercury enters your sign on the 19th though, you have more control of your cash, and may want to make a few smart purchases for your personal development.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Huge breakthrough in sex, dating or creativity
  • New Moon (7/28): Take a break and set intentions for rest
  • Other Key Dates: 7/5, 7/16, 7/19, 7/28, 7/31

Your word for July is connect. Your ruling planet Mercury moves into your friends and community sector on the 5th ushering in a season of social outings and networking. Throughout May and June, you made amazing strides in your career and public image, but what’s the point of being a leader if you don’t have anyone on your team? By the time Mercury meets the sun on the 16th, you have a very clear idea about who you want to join you for your next book club, community volunteer project or work initiative. Just make sure you send out all the emails and invitations before Mercury moves into Leo and your unconscious sector on the 19th. Leo season (from the 22nd) in general is your time to relax in solitude before your personal new year so get in touch before you retreat.

Love Horoscope: Since Jupiter moved into Aries in May, you’ve been very concerned with power dynamics in your close relationships. Things have felt heavy and arguments have been plentiful. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th though is a chance to reconnect with romance and playfulness in your partnership(s).

Money Horoscope: Opportunities to make more money come through friends and networking this month. When benefic planets Venus and Jupiter square off with each other on the 25th, you may even be inspired to go into business with your bestie. Use this energy to brainstorm your dream endeavor and figure out the details later.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Cathartic release for home and family drama
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for friends, community and networking
  • Other Key Dates: 7/14, 7/17, 7/25

Your word for July is visibility. With the sun, Mercury and your ruling planet Venus all spending time in your public image sector this month, you’re experiencing a surge in career and leadership opportunities. But you’re also concerned with refining what you have to say. Knowing your message and your audience is more important to you than any recognition or accolades. You may feel overwhelmed by all the responsibility this month—to your work, to your partner and also to your family. In fact, a longstanding home or family drama comes to a head at the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th. Thankfully, Leo season begins on the 22nd and ushers in a period of networking and socializing that keeps your mind off private matters. Eventually, there will be time to retreat, but that time isn’t now. Enjoy the spotlight while you’re in it.

Love Horoscope: The last few months have been defined by rapid relationship growth, and now might be the time to introduce your lover to more of your friends and family. If they pass those vibe checks then they’re certainly a keeper. Take some time to dream about the future together when Venus connects with steady Saturn on the 13th.

Money Horoscope: Mars moves into your shared resources sector on the 5th, a transit that notoriously makes you spend way more than you have. If you find yourself contemplating a splurge that will require taking out an extra line of credit, pause and consider whether this is something you really need. Your cash is better spent paying off outstanding taxes, fines or debt than it is on anything new.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Breakthrough moment for communications, close friendship and local travels
  • New Moon (7/28):Set intentions for career, leadership and public image
  • Other Key Dates: 7/1, 7/5, 7/22, 7/26

Your word for July is choice. The month begins on a heated note with your ruling planet Mars entering Taurus and your partnership sector on the 5th, bringing tensions to collaborations and close relationships. It’s difficult to be putting so much energy into everyone else when your own life needs your attention. Especially because—with the sun, Mercury and Venus all spending time in your house of travel, study and spirituality this month—it’s important to you on a spiritual level to be working on your own goals and dreams. The sun’s shift into Leo on the 22nd followed by the new moon in Leo on the 28th brings a boost to your career and public image and allows you to show off your skills. Ready or not, it’s time to face the world.

Love Horoscope: As mentioned, Mars’ shift into Taurus on the 5th brings tension to your closest relationships. You might be focused to the point of overwhelm on a situationship that isn’t giving you any answers. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th is a wonderful moment to get relationship advice from close friends. You’re ready to hear the truth.

Money Horoscope: Your financial situation has been all over the place since Jupiter moved into bold Aries on May 10th. You have plenty of opportunities to work for cash, but in many ways feel like you’re burning yourself out just to get ahead. With Venus in your shared resources sector through the 17th though, a generous gift or loan helps you take some time off to figure out what you really want to do.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Breakthrough moment for money and/or resources
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for travel, study and spirituality
  • Other Key Dates: 7/9, 7/23, 7/25

Your word for July is balance. Since your ruling planet Jupiter entered Aries on May 10th, you’ve been having so much fun: officiating a friend’s wedding, hosting a drink and draw at your favorite local bar and spending lots of time dating and seeing friends. As Jupiter slows down to station retrograde all month, you’re ready to reflect on what’s worked and hasn’t worked in this period of booming creativity. How can you incorporate more of what you love into your everyday routine? Mars spends the whole month in your daily grind sector pushing you to focus on discipline and healthy habits. Having a better understanding of both your financial and energetic resources helps you plan for the future.

Love Horoscope: What began in June as a fairytale romance is becoming a serious part of your reality this month. With the sun, Mercury and Venus all in your shared resources sector, you’re working through relationship dynamics and patterns that held you back in the past. As Mercury connects with Jupiter on the 23rd, you reach another milestone: planning your first vacation together.

Money Horoscope: The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th falls in your money sector and provides an opportunity to check in on the financial goals you made in January. At the beginning of the year you only had your own finances in mind, but now you have the added layer of a new business partner, roommate or significant other to consider. Are you better or worse off with these shared resources?

  • Full Moon (7/13): Breakthrough moment for identity, image and self care
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for fundraising and shared resources
  • Other Key Dates: 7/2, 7/17, 7/31

Your word for July is integrate. Mars moves into Taurus on the 5th energizing you to take creative risks. Momentum is building for a long-discussed artistic or business partnership to finally get off the ground. A particularly auspicious time to make announcements and inform the community about your plans is the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th. This is also your opportunity to check in with intentions you set re: personal development back at the beginning of the year. You’re probably not where you thought you’d be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be OK with where you’re currently at. The sun moves into Leo on the 22nd encouraging you to get on top of shared resources as your career and partnerships expand. There’s so much to learn about yourself through collaboration.

Love Horoscope: With Mars moving through your pleasure sector from the 5th, romance is heating up this month, especially in your sex life. The name of the game is experimentation, whether you’re trying new things with a long term lover or finding yourself attracted to people who aren’t your usual type. If you’re in the mood for a special date or lovers’ getaway, the 16th through 18th is an ideal time.

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Leo on the 28th lets you set intentions re: debt, taxes and shared resources. If you’ve been wanting to refinance a loan, apply for a grant or meet with an accountant or business manager, this new moon is the boost you need to get that started.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Take time away from the daily grind
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for partnership, contracts and agreements
  • Other Key Dates: 7/2, 7/19, 7/22, 7/31

Your word for July is attunement. Whether you’re moving house or working through family drama, once Mars moves into your home sector on the 5th, there’s a lot going on in your private life. That’s why it’s particularly important to commit to healthy routines. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th, which falls in your unconscious sector, comes as a much needed respite after a few weeks of hectic events. You may want to use this as an excuse to go on retreat, unplug or take a few days off from social media. Especially because once Leo season begins on the 22nd, relationships become your main focus and you may have to make some sacrifices to accommodate others’ needs.

Love Horoscope: Leo season (from the 22nd) is the time of year when you’re most focused on relationships and other people. Whether you’re single or in a long term partnership, the new moon in Leo on the 28th is a great opportunity to set intentions for bringing more connection into your life. Who makes you feel seen?

Money Horoscope: Whether you’re selling old clothes on Poshmark, launching a new coaching practice or organizing a stoop sale before moving apartments, you’re able to make extra cash through personal ventures this month. Then as Mercury connects with Jupiter on the 23rd, you get an intriguing offer to take this fledgling business idea to the next level.

  • Full Moon (7/13): Breakthrough moment for friendship, community and networking
  • New Moon (7/28): Set intentions for routines, health and fitness
  • Other Key Dates: 7/9, 7/23, 7/25

Your word for July is pleasure. How could you benefit from bringing more creativity, joy and romance to your everyday life? With the sun, Mercury and Venus all spending time in your house of fun and play this month, you need to put your own desires first. Celebrations really kick off at the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th which is a culmination for a group or community project that you’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. Then once Leo season begins on the 22nd, it’s all about the grind as your focus shifts to health, work and daily routines. The end of the month is a great time to take stock of what you need—financially, emotionally and spiritually!—to get you through the second half of the year!

Love Horoscope: Your inbox is filling up with love letters as communication planet Mercury travels through your romance sector from the 5th through the 19th. You’ve always wanted a suitor who’s this attentive to detail! Once Mercury enters Leo on the 19th, your partner shows their love through acts of service. Make sure to get a list together of all the chores and errands you need done!

Money Horoscope: You’ve seen a sharp improvement in your finances since Jupiter entered Aries on May 10th. Now the expansion planet is slowing down to station retrograde on the 28th, allowing you to take stock of what you’ve earned. If you have any outstanding invoices or contract negotiations, make sure you get those settled before the end of the month.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. Subscribe to her newsletter for more astrological musings.